Coaching & Leadership Development

4 Day Coaching

Programme to Maximise Staff Performance


Approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management, our 4 Day Coaching Programme aims to provide senior school leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to utilise coaching as part of their normal work role. 

Its aim is to provide a solid foundation for those school leaders who want to fully understand how to create a coaching culture in their school.


Do You Want to...

– Spend less time solving human process issues and working with challenging adult behaviours?



– Improve your ability to get the best out different personality types?



– Create a school culture in which all individuals are empowered to take full responsibility for their actions and ownership for their own success?


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Programme Overview

Approved by the, Institute of Leadership and Management, the UK’s Leading Leadership Development Body, this four day programme is an ILM Development Award. The aim of the programme is to equip practicing school leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply a range of coaching skills to help improve the performance of those they lead and manage. All participants gain FREE ILM studying membership whilst on the programme and receive an ILM Development Certificate on completion.

Our four-day coaching programme that will equip you with the skills for:

– Managing difficult conversations

– Understanding how to get the best out of individuals with challenging behaviours

– Understanding yourself better and knowing how to draw upon your strengths to get the best out of others

– Facilitating better teamwork and minimising team conflict

– Developing your relationship management skills by helping you understand how to identify and respond to different personality types


Where: The St Marylebone Girls School, Westminster


Once you have completed the programme, you will come away with:

– A solid understanding of coaching and how it can be used to strengthen your ability to lead and manage others

– The coaching skills required for managing a range of personality types

– The confidence to use your coaching skills to support school improvement initiatives


Days 1 & 2:  17 & 18 May 2017

Days 3: 21 June 2017

Day 4: 14 Sept 2017

In between days 1 & 2 you will be required to coach two members of staff, using the skills and knowledge that you have acquired from days 1 & 2. Your reflections on your coaching practice will help to embed new learning covered on Days 3 & 4.

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Programme Outline

Days 1& 2


Focus: The focus for both these days is on coaching theory and practice.


Through group discussion, tasks and practical exercises, participants will:


– Develop their understanding of coaching as a tool for human growth and development

– Increase their understanding of coaching terminology and associated skill set

– Explore the role coaching plays in building their own leadership capacity


Days 3 & 4


Focus: The focus for both these days is on coaching and the relational aspects of school improvement


Through group discussion, tasks and practical exercises, participants will:


– Reflect on their practice and deepen their knowledge of relationship management techniques

– Explore ways in which they deepen their understanding of individuals and choose the best approach for bringing out the best in them

– Identify how they can sustain best people development practices within their own school contexts

At the end of day two, time will be spent identifying two colleagues, that individuals will work with in between days 3 & 4. 

Participants will identify how they can utilize new coaching knowledge and skills gained from days 1 & 2 to support the development of members of staff that they lead and manage.

“This has been a really good course. The programme has made me think about leading. How establishments/existing processes do not work and how coaching can change that. My thoughts and ideas have progressed so much as a result of taking part in this programme.”

Jane Woods

Head Teacher