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June 10, 2017

Why Education Needs Values & Integrity more than Ever – Neil Hawkes

Why Education Needs Values & Integrity more than Ever – Neil Hawkes


With many other people I am deeply concerned about the global turmoil that is destabilising our world. As someone I met recently in the US put it, ‘It seems as though human kind is going mad!”


We seem to be acting like lemmings about to rush over a cliff to our deaths. At a political, cultural and social level distress is clearly identifiable as the good of humanity and the world is set aside.


I notice that the level of unrest is increasing, as people feel that they do not have a voice that can be heard. Whether it is a presidential election or a referendum people of all persuasions seem discontent and have a tendency to vote from that basis.


My observation is that when individuals feel a sustained awareness of peacelessness, then this is translated into their behaviour, leading to the polarisation of political, religious, cultural and social identity.


The media is now often consumed with life-limiting messages, which encourage fear and distrust. Humanity is calling out for positive, altruistic leadership. However, where can this be found?


Although the problems seem intractable, I believe there is hope.  Many people seem to be waking up and saying, ‘enough is enough’.


To tackle this, we need schools that seek to enable children to have a moral compass based on positive human values that can form the foundations for transformational change.  We need to encourage adults and children alike to have a meaning and purpose in their lives, acting with integrity.


I have seen over the last few years how Values-based education encourages the development of self-leadership in adults and children – so I know what a difference it can make. Such dynamic, soul-led leadership looks to fill our existential vacuum with meaning and purpose driven by integrity, sourced from positive human values.


On the 19th October, I have the privilege of having the chance to speak at Integrity Coaching’s “Education for the Soul” Conference in London to share more about why values can transform the reality in our schools.


In my talk on “The Inner Curriculum, I will aim to inspire the audience to adopt the tenets and principles of values-based education (VbE) as the template for encouraging outstanding leadership in their schools.


In doing so, I will try to be able to raise spirits and create a picture of hope for educators and leaders. By drawing on heart-lifting examples from schools around the world that have adopted VbE, I hope together we can paint a brighter, alternative vision for the future of our schools.


I hope that those who attend my talk at “Education for the Soul” will leave having an understanding about the essence of VbE and its key elements of: authentic modelling; its inner curriculum; reflective practices; unique atmosphere; explicit experiential curriculum; empowering leadership and ethical vocabulary.


I would love for you to join me for this.

Neil Hawkes

Founder of Values-based Education




If you’d like to join Neil for his talk on “The Inner Curriculum, at our ‘Education for the Soul’ Conference at The Friend’s Meeting House, Euston, London – you are now able to register for tickets!


The conference is designed to tackle some of the biggest questions affecting education and the experience of school leaders today. It has been devised to help Head teachers and senior school leaders  improve their schools without sacrificing their own well-being.


Over the course of the day, with a selection of talks, workshops and discussion, we will be exploring a number of themes of key importance to the daily reality of school leadership and our education system today, including but not limited to…

– Authentic leadership: What it means for school leaders to lead authentically

– Well-being: Taking care of ourselves and others

– Resilience: Maintaining the courage to lead

– The heart of school improvement: Improving schools from the inside-out

– Values-based education: Identifying what matters most


If you’d like to learn more about what will be happening on the day, the speakers, workshops and register for tickets, please follow the link below…


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