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April 23, 2017

How NUT Headteacher Members Can Get Subsidised 1:1 Coaching Support

How NUT Headteacher Members Can Get Subsidised 1:1 Coaching Support


It’s almost thirty years ago, when as a newly qualified teacher, I signed up to become a member of the NUT. Like many new teaching recruits, I signed up because I believed in the union’s values of equality, fairness and social justice.


These very same values are held by many Heads who still hold NUT membership. Yet we know with the deluge of change that has occurred over the past decade, the struggle to hold onto one’s values has become an increasingly difficult and lonesome task.


As a Head teacher, you will know that greater autonomy in decision making has inevitably led to increased personal accountability. You also know that with the diminished capacity of LA’s to offer advice and support, your leadership  load has not been made any easier to carry.


Making the leadership load lighter to carry


The Business world has long realised that coaching is essential and has invested heavily in providing this as an entitlement for leaders. In 2014, research from the Henley Business School found that 83% of organisations intended to use coaching for executive and senior managers.


Researchers and authors from the Harvard Business school, such as Daniel Goleman and Ricard Boyatzis have researched, recorded and described the impact that coaching has in developing Emotionally Intelligent leaders, who are able to successfully lead their businesses to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and success.


In Education, there is now a desperate need to take this good practice from the business world to help provide the type of support that our Head teachers are clearly in need of. And … the NUT has done just that!


Do you want to have access to first-class coaching to help you excel in your role?


If you do, then read on!


During 2016-2017 the NUT in partnership with Integrity Coaching launched a pilot coaching offer to head teacher members with a view to:


– Enabling head teacher members to stay deeply connected to their original core passion, purpose and reason for being in the profession

– Providing an alternative and person-centred approach to the support of head teachers

– Increasing Head’s ability to deal with the stresses and demands of their roles, so that they can maintain their ability to lead and inspire others

– Building the case for rolling the programme out more widely, so that a greater number of head teachers could be equipped with the tools for remaining in the profession


What did Heads on the programme receive?


– Introductory group session: Three course meal, breakfast, lunch and overnight accommodation at Stoke Rochford.

– Face to face support: Six, 2-hour coaching sessions across the duration of the school year

– Telephone Support: Three coaching telephone support calls

– Closing group session: Three course meal, breakfast, lunch and overnight accommodation at Stoke Rochford


What have Heads said about the coaching offer?


“I hadn’t realised until now, just how important it is to have a safe space to talk about my feelings and the stresses of the role. God knows where I would have been without it!”


“Coaching has given me more than I had anticipated or expected. Invest in yourself. It’s worth it. It has helped me to overcome what can sometimes feel like the most isolating job in the world.”


“Even if you run an Outstanding school there is so much to be gained from coaching. I am very grateful to the NUT for the opportunity”


Plans for 2017/18


The coaching programme is being rolled out for 2017-18. The majority of the costs are being subsidised by the NUT. Schools are only being asked to contribute £500 towards this highly valuable CPD opportunity. At a time, when school budgets are being squeezed and you may be feeling guilty about investing in CPD for yourself, this really is an opportunity not to be missed!


The following are key dates for the process:


– Answer the Following 2 Questions by 28th April 2017:  If you are interested simply answer the following two questions in no more than 750 words in the form below.


1.  What have been the main challenges that you have faced since becoming a Head teacher?


2. What are your hopes for the coaching relationship and what do you see as being potential benefits for yourself and the school?



What Happens Next?


– May 8th, 2017: If you have been successful in your application you will be notified by this date.


– June 3rd, 2017:  All successful applicants will come together at Stoke Rochford Hall, Stoke Rochford, Nr Grantham, for a joint introductory session hosted by the NUT and facilitated by Viv Grant, Director of Integrity Coaching.


– September 2017: The full programme commences and head teachers begin work with their coaches


Places are limited, so to avoid disappointment, please register your interest today!


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