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Coaching for School Leaders

If you are a headteacher, deputy or Assistant head teacher, we understand the unique stresses and strains of your role. We understand that courage is a quality that you build and develop on a daily basis. We understand that in order for you to consistently be at your best, a safe, confidential space must be provided to enable you to share your thoughts, worries and concerns, come up with positive solutions, realise your strengths and determine the steps that you must take to realise your potential.

How Headteachers Learn to Lead with Integrity

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Our Hope for You

We want to be able to help you minimise the stress of your role, so that you are able to maintain your ability to lead and inspire others.

We want the best for you. We have no agenda other than your own. Our one aim is to work in a trusting relationship with you, so that you can fulfil the vision that you have for yourself and your school.

When individuals work with us, no judgements are made. We accept you as you are (warts and all).

What to Expect

What to Expect We understand what is meant by the National Standards of Excellence for head teachers, when it says “Self development is the key to the development of a head teacher.” We would add also add that self development is the key to the development of all school leaders.

We use the “National Standards of Excellence” for headteachers as the benchmark for all of our coaching support with school leaders We support you in developing your own personal strategies for integrating the standards into all aspects of your practice.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help you excel. To achieve that we:

  • Start where you are
  • We then identify where you want to get to
  • We help you identify patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that may be limiting your progress
  • We empower you to be courageous and develop the personal and professional tools needed for success
  • Celebrate your strengths and everything positive that you bring to your leadership journey

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We fully understand the challenges that you face in seeking to provide the best education for every child in your school. Our goal is to help you excel in overcoming these challenges and to keep hold of your humanity, joy and love for the profession as you do so.

To achieve this, our coaching processes are bespoke, personalised and focus on four key areas to help you to uncover the tools that you need for building excellence in yourself and others:



Achieving clarity about what you want for yourself and your school



Strengthening your moral purpose and ability to make the right (and sometimes tough ) choices



Creating positive beliefs about what can be achieved, to help realise your own strengths and capabilities



Embedding new behaviours to support the development of excellence in yourself and others

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Success Stories

Our clients are typically head teachers and school leaders with great vision, great passion and great commitment. They don’t see them- selves as being super heroes. They recognise their own humanity and seek to lead fulfilled lives not only as school leaders, but as mothers, fathers and partners. They are individuals who are learning not to see worry and self doubt as signs of weakness, but simply as expressions of their own human need to have a safe space to be valued and listened to.

In addition, what sets or clients apart is that they are leaders who are eager to grow themselves, so that they in turn can become better at growing others. They savour having brave and courageous coaching conversations, because they understand the role these conversations play in helping them to ‘dare greatly’ and achieve great things for our children.

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How It Works



A 30 minute Phonecall

It’s always good to talk. This call will provide you a confidential, safe, non–judgemental space to spend 30 minutes discussing how you can:

– Achieve a greater sense of clarity about your direction as a school leader

– Gain a clearer perspective on any challenges that you may be facing

– Identify positive steps for moving forward

Simply follow the link below, fill in the form and then we’ll be in touch to organise a time suitable for you.

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FREE DISC Assessment

As part of a discovery session, you’ll get the chance to benefit from a self-assessment tool that is linked to many of the coaching tools that are introduced in “ Staying A Head” and in the National Standards for Excellence for headteachers. Whether  you are a headteacher, Deputy or Assistant head it is a great tool for helping you to begin to achieve clarity about the areas that you will need to focus on to enable you to excel in your role.


Discovery Session

Book a Discovery Session. The session allows us to look in detail with you at your responses to the reflection tool and for you to experience our coaching methods.  It will help you to identify what you are hoping to gain from coaching and your initial steps for getting there.


6-10 “Excellence as Standard” sessions

These sessions are:

  • Bespoke, confidential and empowering
  • Focused on achieving your goals to secure success for you and your school
  • About promoting your personal and professional development
  • In alignment with areas you have identified for development from the self-assessment tools
  • Concerned with helping you develop resilience and heightened levels of emotional literacy


Developing Excellence in others

We know that coaching is a great tool for building excellence in others. Once you have completed your designated “Excellence as Standard” sessions we will share with you our range of bespoke and accredited services to help you grow and build a culture of excellence across your school.