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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Head Teachers

If you are familiar with the work of Stephen Covey, the author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you will know his well- known phrase ‘begin with the end in mind.’ Download our FREE PDF to uncover the seven habits that school leaders need to adopt so that they can successfully ‘begin with the end in mind’ and achieve the outcome they desire for themselves and their schools.

Free Chapter from My Book “Staying A Head”


Discover why the meeting of your emotional needs are central to your success as a school leader in the first chapter of my book “Staying A Head – Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders”.

Among others, in the chapter you will find answers to the questions:

• What are our basic emotional needs?

• Why do school leaders need to have their emotional needs met?

• What are the consequences of unmet emotional needs?

• What role does empathic listening play in meeting emotional needs?

Getting the balance right

Are you getting the balance right between work and home?

Sometimes when pursuing our career goals it can help to first of all have a look at where our lives are at currently. When you complete the wheel, you’ll get a quick snapshot of just how balanced your life is and what aspects you need to work on just a bit more, to get the life balance you may be seeking as school leader.

Keeping our Heads – How to support, nurture and inspire healthy leaders within education

This White Paper written by Viv Grant and Mike Tull, explores the true nature of Leadership within schools with specific reference to the expectations, requirements, responsibilities and realities of the role of Headship and the impact these factors have on the wellbeing and effectiveness of those employed to lead our schools.

Above all, this white paper provides an accurate understanding of the full support needs of Head teachers that must be met if Headteachers are to maintain their well-being and they can deliver on what is expected of them and in doing so, fulfil society’s hope and dreams our future generations.

How to overcome the fear of stepping into a new role

Change is never easy. Taking on a new role can be one of the biggest challenges of any person’s career. Particularly when stepping into a senior leadership position. If you feel a little fearful…that’s OK. It’s a signal that you are human and that you care deeply about the role that you are stepping into. Download our FREE PDF to uncover the steps for successfully managing your fear and stepping confidently into your new post.