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4 Day Coaching Programme to

Maximise Staff Performance

Learn to get the best out of yourself and others on our 4 Day Coaching Programme to Maximise Staff Performance

May – November 2022 – Online

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Do you want to…

– Spend less time solving human process issues and working with challenging adult behaviours?

– Improve your ability to get the best out of different personality types?

– Create a school culture in which all individuals are empowered to take full responsibility for their actions and ownership for their own success?

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Programme Overview


Our 4 Day Coaching Programme is one of the UK’s foremost coaching certifications for Headteachers and Senior School Leaders.

Accredited and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, the programme is designed to equip School Leaders with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to utilise coaching as part of their leadership roles.

In order to to work around the busy lives of school leaders, it is an intensive course spread over four days across the year and the content is all tailored to address the specific challenges that can hinder school improvement.

Participants will learn a range of coaching techniques and tools that can be used to improve the performance of those they lead and manage. The programme is also designed to provide a learning space, and so time is devoted to giving participants opportunity to practice these techniques and hone their new coaching skills.

Additionally, the programme provides a solid foundation for leaders wanting to understand how to develop and embed a coaching culture in their school. All participants on the programme will receive a certification from the Institute of Leadership & Management and receive FREE 12 month studying membership from the Institute.

Our 4 Day Coaching Programme will equip you with the skills for:

– Managing difficult conversations and challenging behaviours

– Better understanding your team and how you can get the best out of individuals

– Facilitating better teamwork and minimising team conflict

– Identifying and managing a range of personality types.

– Nurturing positive, effective and supportive school relationships


Days 1 and 2 – Thursday 19th May and Friday 20th May

Day 3 – Thursday 7th July

Day 4 – Tuesday 8th November


Once you have completed the programme, you will come away with:

– A solid understanding of coaching and how it can be used to strengthen your ability to lead and manage others

– The confidence to use your coaching skills to support school improvement initiatives and develop a coaching culture in your school

– A greater self-understanding and fully utilise your strengths in your role

– Strategies and tools that can help you develop stronger working relationships with your team

Price: £1,250 + VAT 

If you’d like to secure a place, or simply find out more – please follow the link above and schedule a call with the programme facilitator, Samantha Jayasuriya.

Programme Outline

Days 1& 2 


Focus: The focus for both these days is on coaching theory and practice.


Through group discussion, tasks and practical exercises, participants will:


– Develop their understanding of coaching as a tool for human growth and development

– Increase their understanding of coaching terminology and associated skill set

– Explore the role coaching plays in building their own leadership capacity


Days 3 & 4


Focus: The focus for both these days is on coaching and the relational aspects of school improvement


Through group discussion, tasks and practical exercises, participants will:


– Reflect on their practice and deepen their knowledge of relationship management techniques

– Explore ways in which they deepen their understanding of individuals and choose the best approach for bringing out the best in them

– Identify how they can sustain best people development practices within their own school contexts

At the end of day two, time will be spent identifying two colleagues, that individuals will work with in between days 3 & 4. 

Participants will identify how they can utilize new coaching knowledge and skills gained from days 1 & 2 to support the development of members of staff that they lead and manage.

“It has been fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself and gained a lifelong skill that will help others. This programme has the potential to save the education sector from a national crisis”

Marigold Palmer-Jones

“Thank you for a fabulous course- the most inspirational personal development I have experienced in many years”

Julia Corby

“One of the most useful CPD programmes that I have been on; for myself as a Head, my staff and my school”

Lorraine Martin

“An excellent course for anyone wanting to start their journey towards being an effective coach and also shape the organisation in which they work”

Tim Beale

If you’d like to discuss what’s involved and how the programme can support you and your school – please book a call with the programme facilitator, Samantha Jayasuriya now!

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