Find out what Senior School Leaders have had to say about the difference coaching has made to their lives.

Success Stories

Our clients are typically Headteachers and School Leaders with great vision, great passion and great commitment.

They don’t see themselves as being super heroes. They recognise their own humanity and seek to lead fulfilled lives not only as School Leaders, but as mothers, fathers and partners. They are individuals who are learning not to see worry and self doubt as signs of weakness, but simply as expressions of their own human need to have a safe space to be valued and listened to.

In addition, what sets our clients apart is that they are leaders who are eager to grow themselves, so that they in turn can become better at growing others. They savour having brave and courageous coaching conversations, because they understand the role these conversations play in helping them to ‘dare greatly’ and achieve great things for our children.

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Why Headteachers choose coaching to support them

Headteachers give some of the reasons why they turned to coaching to give them support in their roles.


Michael Rosen

Integrity Coaching provides the type of services that every School Leader needs; independence, compassionate and understanding: expert coaches who listen to you and work with you in a humane way, to bring to life the particular vision that you have for the staff and pupils in your school. 

Michael Rosen

School Governor, Author & former Children’s Poet Laureate

A Research Report into the Impact of Leadership Coaching in Schools

Learn how coaching supports sustainable and effective leadership in schools in the Leeds Beckett University Research report into the impact of our coaching services.

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