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We support Academies with Well-being programmes to help them flourish and create outstanding school cultures

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Our Academies Well-being Programme is designed to support CEOs, Head teachers, Deputies and Assistant Heads, so that together as senior leaders, they can create environments in which all adults and young people thrive and are supported to achieve their full potential.

How does Coaching Support School Leaders?



Our school leaders and teachers are involved in creating new and emboldened futures for our children and young people. However, we believe, with the ever-increasing pace of change in our schools, true and sustained educational excellence can only be achieved when the need to provide a first-class education for our young is accompanied by the need to meet the emotional, mental and vocational wellbeing of those who teach them.


Our children deserve nothing less than the best, but this can only be achieved when the hearts and minds of our school leaders and teachers are also nurtured and cared for. We know that there are many Academies across the country who believe this too. That’s why our Academies well-being programme has been designed for those MATs who believe that a passion for high standards and a commitment to nurturing, supporting and growing others can go hand in hand.

Do you want all of the schools in your MAT to be…

Places in which communication is open, constructive and honest?

Emotionally resilient environments in which all adults and pupils thrive?

Healthy and happy places that foster a true love for learning and in which personal transformation is possible?


Characterised by strong, supportive, professional relationships?

We know that many MAT’s face a number of challenges in trying to achieve this…

The Challenges of Growing a Successful MAT


There are a number of growing pains that MAT’s face as they seek to raise and maintain standards across their family of schools. Many of the challenges centre around relationships, people management issues and harnessing individual will for the collective good.

New structures, new systems, new roles, new policies and practices can lead to intense periods of transition and uncertainty. Transition and uncertainty often evoke feelings of anxiety, doubt and worry. These feelings can quickly spread from one school to another and if not managed effectively can seriously undermine efforts for creating a unified approach to school improvement across a MAT.

Left unaddressed these feelings can seriously inhibit the performance of adults and subsequently outcomes for our children. As the CEO or a senior leader in a MAT, you will be familiar with the myriad of ways in which fear-based psychological responses to change can impact on the improvement process and levels of wellbeing.

Typically, you may have experienced:

1. Low levels of Trust: Individuals/teams unwilling to open up and share ideas or resources with one another

2. Poor levels of communication: Strained communication at all levels, that has inhibited the sharing and development of good practice across the MAT

3. Conflict in leadership styles:  Senior leaders with leadership styles that are out of alignment with that of the MAT

4. Decreased levels of Emotional Resilience: Individuals who have experienced difficulty developing their emotional resources and working through the inevitable challenges of daily school life

5. Role adjustment fatigue: Individuals who have struggled to cope with the emotional and psychological changes required to cope with their new and developing roles within a MAT structure.

6. High attrition rates: Problems recruiting and retaining staff, particularly if schools in the MAT have been rated by OFSTED as inadequate.

If these common challenges resonate then our suite of Well-being programmes could be right for you…

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The Academies Wellbeing Programme – At a Glance


The Academies Wellbeing Programme has been designed to motivate, inspire and enable CEO’s, Head teachers and senior leaders to achieve outstanding results for themselves and others.

The programme consists of a suite of coaching based options that Academies can choose from to meet the well-being/professional development needs of CEO’s and senior leaders in their schools.

Developing Outstanding Academies – 1:1 CEO coaching & support


Designed for: Academy CEOs


A combination of online learning analytics and face to face coaching that enables CEO’s to explore and identify levels of resilience and how to lead system wide change in relation to seven core competencies:

1) Mindful agency, 2) Sense making, 3) Creativity, 4) Curiosity, 5) Belonging, 6) Collaboration, 7) Hope & Optimism

The results of the programme include:

– Increased ability to manage the personal transitions involved in taking on the role of CEO

– Greater confidence in managing issues of scale and developing strategies for driving school improvement across your MAT

– An in-depth understanding of how to manage the complex level of relationships that exist across a MAT

Fulfilling Your Vision – 1:1 Headteacher Coaching


Designed for: Headteachers


Six 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of the school year that are bespoke and designed to enable school leaders to overcome the stresses of their roles and maintain their ability to lead and inspire others. The results of the programme include:

– Increased ability to maintain a focus on standards and high levels of achievement

– Confident, resilient and robust leadership from the top

– Greater ability to take care of personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others

How does Coaching Meet the Needs of School Leaders?

Coaching to Maximise Staff Performance – 4 Day Coaching Skills Programme


Designed for: Headteachers, Deputies and Assistant Heads


A four day ILM coaching development award designed to equip senior leaders with the skills for being able to effectively coach others. The results of the programme include:

– Improved approaches to people management processes through the application of coaching skills

– Greater confidence to manage difficult conversations

– Enhancement of processes for developing teacher’s reflective skills and ability to give and receive feedback

The Flourishing SLT – Team Coaching


Designed for: School Leadership Teams


A series of bespoke team coaching sessions to help all SLT members flourish individually and collectively. The results of the programme include:

– Greater efficiency in working together as a team

– Maximising of individual skills to achieve team goals

– Increased understanding of effective team behaviours and how to strengthen them to secure team success

The programme has maximum impact when all services are delivered together. However, there is the option to choose differing combination of services dependent upon the needs of your MAT.

Why is Coaching at the heart of our Well-being Programme?


As a model for supporting school improvement and wellbeing, coaching does not add to existing heavy workloads. Rather, in its application, it works to improve current whole school practices. Thereby helping to alleviate some of the stresses that can negate the impact of whole school improvement measures.

From our experience, coaching provides individuals with the skills, tools and knowledge to overcome:

– Emotional Exhaustion

– Frustration

– De-personalisation

– Cynicism

– Lack of confidence

– Mental and emotional overload

In addition to this, when individuals develop their skills, tools and knowledge through coaching, they become:

– Resilient

– Solution-focused

– Future-minded

– Resourceful

– Optimistic

– Hopeful

From our years of work with school leaders across the UK, we know that coaching achieves these results.  When coaching is a part of a leaders’ development plan they are able to adapt, manage and cope effectively with the excessive stressors and demands of their roles. These leaders become more able to fulfil their vision for their school, without sacrificing their own wellbeing. Individuals also tend to develop a strong sense of agency and control that impacts positively across all aspects of school life.

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