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May 11, 2017

An Open Letter to Every School Leader

Over the past decade, I have witnessed first-hand how high levels of public scrutiny and personal accountability have eroded the profession’s ability to care for and meet the human needs of those who are on the frontline.

It has come as no surprise to me that The Key’s 2017 State of Education Survey Report found that, “86% of school leaders think the perception of the profession has got worse over the past five years and believe this is negatively affecting morale”

I have seen many teachers and school leaders sacrificing their personal well-being to simply survive in the profession. I’ve coached Heads on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I have received desperate pleas from their partners and witnessed the inhumane treatment of those who have disappeared from the system.

I fear more and more for the loss of humanity in our education system. SAT’s and GCSE results, OFSTED grades and league tables appear to have more importance than the people behind it all.

This is not how education should be. This is not how we fulfil society’s hopes and dreams for our children. Things have to change.

We invite you to be a part of that change and to join with us for October’s ‘Education for the Soul’ conference. This is a conference that plans to extend the conversation around school leadership, well-being and standards in our schools and aims to:

– Inspire

– Invigorate

– Challenge

– Support

This conference is for senior leaders in education who are committed to creating the best possible futures for our young people. It is for senior leaders who want to know how to raise and maintain high standards of education without sacrificing their personal well-being.

This unique conference is designed to provide a collegial space where leaders can openly and honestly explore the challenges of Headship, share expertise, find solutions and discover new ways of leading that can help to lessen the emotional cost of leading in education today.

As part of this, the day will feature a fantastic line-up of expert speakers in the fields of resilience, well-being, values and narrative leadership, such as Geoff Mead, Jan Blake and Belinda Harris.

It is our hope that by tackling some of the biggest issues facing school leaders, the event can help Heads to redefine their reality of school leadership and above all, write new and inspiring chapters for themselves, their pupils and their schools.


Our hope is that on that day, we can locate and recapture the very soul of education. 

If you’d like to join us for “Education for the Soul” 2018 and explore how leaders can grow, learn and flourish in their roles, whilst caring for their well-being and nurturing that which matters most, then tickets are now on SALE!

“Education for the Soul” 2018 will feature a new selection of expert speakers and workshop hosts, who will be sharing their insights into how school leaders can look after their own well-being, get the most out of those they lead and deliver the best outcomes for their pupils.

We really hope you can join us for what we hope will be a very special day. If you’d like to do so, please follow the link below to learn more…

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An Open Letter to Every School Leader was originally published on Integrity Coaching

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