Why Every School Leader Needs to Be Listened to!

I believe that every Headteacher should have someone who regularly listens to them and has no other agenda than the maintenance of their well being and the fulfilment of their personal vision.

However, in my experience – there’s often a considerable imbalance in the life of a School Leader. To explain what I mean, I’d encourage you just to reflect on these two things:

A] How many times during a day/week you listen to others, and;
B] How many times during a day/week someone ‘truly’ listens to you

If your answer to B outweighs your response to A, then you’re likely to be a more ‘healthy’ position and not experiencing too much the sense of isolation that your role often brings. However, as is the case with most head teachers, I am hazarding a guess, that it’s the other way around and that you listen more to others, than actually having someone truly listening to you.

This is not a good position to be in; without a trusted professional with whom you can confide, you are likely to experience an ever increasing sense of loneliness and isolation.

Discovering your own truth

Every Headteacher needs to be l truly listened to! Why? Because as a client recently said to me,“When you are truly listened to ‘you are helped to discover your own truth’ and this alone can have a transformative impact on the type of leader that you are.

When you are listened to in such as a way, you know that you can truly be yourself and speak about what is both on your mind and in your heart; you experience a sense of release and liberation. Why? Because you give voice to;

– Your inner most concerns and worries
– emotions and feelings and feelings that may have been bottled up and kept inside
– Your thoughts and dreams of how things could be

And because the person who is listening to you, comes from a place of;

–          Non-judgement
–          No criticism
–          No prejudice
–          Non-possessive warmth
–          Hope and optimism

A space is created in which you feel safe, valued and listened to. Your life as a Headteacher no longer feels so lonely, because you have built in the necessary safe guards that prevent you from feeling as though you have to struggle on by yourself.

Being Listened to…

As a School Leader, you do an amazing job! Every day you invest enormous amounts of time, energy, passion and commitment – seeking to create better futures for our children and the communities you serve.

This isn’t easy to maintain. After a long week and the inevitable challenges of your role, it can often feel as though your energy, hope and emotional reserves are in short supply

That’s why I believe it’s vital that you have someone who you can turn to, who can offer you a listening ear, support, encouragement to help keep you going towards your vision.

As when we are listened to empathically, we are given a gift; a gift that enriches our experience of what it means to be human and can heal the pain of our unmet emotional needs. You are given a chance to truly be yourself and speak about what is both on your mind and in your heart; you experience a sense of release and liberation.

This is crucial as it reminds us that, amidst the chaos of school life, we are worthy, we are valuable, and our story has the right to be listened to. Moreover, it gives voice to…

– Our inner most concerns and worries
– Emotions and feelings and feelings that may have been bottled up and kept inside
– Our thoughts and hopes of how things could be

Above all, when we have a listening ear, someone who we can confide in and gain direction from, we don’t just get the support we need to survive, we discover instead how to thrive.

That’s why I’m now offering FREE “Coaching for the Soul” Calls to give School Leaders the opportunity and space to be listened to in this way.

If you are a senior School Leader, this 30 minute call is  designed to give you a chance to:
–  Talk through and get support with the challenges you’re currently facing
–  Explore what you want out of life as a School Leader
–  Reflect on recent events and the impact they have had on you
–  Gain clarity around your thoughts and plan a way forward

Book Your Call

 If you feel like you’d benefit from a call like this or perhaps know someone who would, please follow the link above!


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