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June 18, 2019

“Education for the Soul” 2019 Conference Manifesto

“Education for the Soul” 2019 Conference Manifesto



I feel these days, amidst the growing results-driven culture of education today (with league tables and OFSTED ratings), that there’s often little opportunity for our schools leaders to discuss and share what they believe in.


There’s very little opportunity for leaders to reflect on what drives them, what informs their decision-making, and what inspires them to keep going.


There’s also barely any chance for them to discuss what it takes to lead and have deep conversations about how education should be and how we can give children the best possible chance in life.


So I thought I’d take this chance to share what I believe, in the hope that this inspires other leaders to revisit their hope for education…


I believe that our children learn from their teachers and school leaders, more than just what is written in their textbooks….


I believe when our teachers and school leaders have hope and a positive outlook, our children learn to believe in a better future.


I believe when our teachers and school leaders value and make their well-being a priority, our children learn to look after themselves.


I believe when our teachers and school leaders have their values nurtured, our children learn to live and stand up for what they believe in.


I believe that when our teachers and leaders are supported to lead with authenticity, our children learn to be truly themselves.


Above all, I believe when our teachers and school leaders flourish, our children flourish too.


That’s why on the 17th October 2019, we will be hosting our “Education for the Soul’ Conference around the theme of “Inspiring Authentic School Leadership.”


The format for this year’s conference will feature keynotes, workshops, panel discussion and storytellers. The event will enable school leaders to:


– Challenge the many damaging expectations and narratives that surround school leadership and help leaders mitigate their often-corrosive impact

– Develop stronger self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their own emotions and those of others

– Strengthen individuals’ confidence and belief in their own leadership approach so that they can lead in ways that are aligned to who they are and what they stand for

– Build the courage to stay true to their values, vision and purpose


Above all, it is our hope that those who attend will leave feeling truly inspired to embrace their own unique leadership approach; one that is truly authentic, supportive of their values, builds resilience and enables them to best utilise their strengths and gifts.

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