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December 22, 2015

Four questions to ask if you’re on the fence about coaching

Making the decision to begin a coaching relationship can be a really big one — after all, you’re already so busy as a Head that adding one more thing to your schedule is a big deal, especially if you’re not totally sure whether you need it or not.

If you’re like most Heads, you try to research this question into the ground, looking at the different types of coaches, reviews of different coaching practises, asking people you know who might have done coaching … but ultimately, nobody can make that decision but you.

A few things to ask yourself if you’ve thought about coaching, but you’re not sure whether it’s for you or not:


What has been the cost of not having great personal support for myself?


Have there been times in your Headship where you’ve felt isolated? Wanted someone neutral to bounce ideas off ? Maybe made a less than great decision because you were under so much pressure and didn’t have anyone to check in with? What about the impact on your family — have the stresses of the job been taking their toll on your home life?


What difference would it make if I learned to put myself first?


Believe me, I know this can be a scary question. After all, you got into Headship to be a leader to your school and staff and children in it, so even taking a moment to care for yourself can feel like you’re stealing from them. But actually, you could rephrase this question as “What difference would it make if I could always show up at my very best?”, because putting yourself first is what it takes for that to happen.


How do I want the next 2 – 5 years of my leadership to be different?


If you’re not sure, then take a moment to think about what the next 2 – 5 years of your leadership are going to look like if nothing changes. Chances are you’ll start to think of things you want to change right away! Remember to think broadly here — while you may want to change your school’s OFSTED ranking, don’t forget about how you want to affect the culture of your school, the changes you want to make in your family life, your health and overall wellbeing, etc.


What would it mean to my school and my family if I was less stressed and more able to be present for them and myself?


It can seem like there’s no way to do Headship except to be in work mode 24/7/365, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What would your life look like if you could step back from headless chicken mode and could be more relaxed and present with those you’re in relationships with, both in and outside of school.


If after answering these questions you’d like to learn more about coaching, we’d love to have that conversation with you. Email us at or call 0208 767 7664 to set up a short, no strings conversation.


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