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June 6, 2019

My Heartfelt Letter to Every School Leader

My Heartfelt Letter to Every School Leader


It is our belief that if we are to create a stronger, more compassionate and collegiate education system, we must demonstrate greater degrees of humanity across the profession as a whole.


Over the last few years, changes to our education system, have resulted in values that are more akin to the business world shaping many of the policies and practices in our schools today.


Some have managed to navigate the changes successfully, for others it continues to be an uphill struggle. Sadly, shrinking budgets, growing workloads and rising personal accountability, have only served to exacerbate the situation and unfortunately, there are far too many school leaders who have chosen to leave the profession or have simply ‘disappeared.’


It never ceases to amaze me, that in a profession which is for many a vocation, we still have such a long way to go in ensuring school leaders are able to maintain their vocational vitality and purpose and hence stay in the profession for the long haul.


How wonderful would it be, if for every interaction within a school day, lesson observed and OFSTED visit, School leaders could truly say,


That experience confirmed my purpose. That experience fueled me with energy and passion to keep on going!”.


If this were the case, we’d have a huge reduction in the high rates of attrition from the profession and instead we’d have a stronger, more resilient workforce, with individuals fuelled by a deep connection to their vocation and purpose.


The profession has to get better at creating meaningful ways for school leaders to maintain their commitment to who they are and the fulfilment of their vision for themselves and others.


That’s why I’m pleased to be able to share that on the 17th October 2019, we will be hosting our 3rd “Education for the Soul” Conference, for Headteachers & School Leaders from across the country. The theme for the day will be “Inspiring Authentic School Leadership”.


Through keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and talks we will explore what it means to be an authentic school leader today and how individuals can:


– Challenge the many damaging expectations and narratives that surround school leadership and help leaders mitigate their often-corrosive impact

– Develop stronger self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their own emotions and those of others

– Nurture a deeper self-acceptance of themselves, both their strengths and their limitations

– Strengthen individuals’ confidence and belief in their own leadership approach, so that they can lead in ways that are aligned to who they are and what they stand for

– Build the courage to stay true to their values, vision and purpose


It is our hope that those who attend will leave feeling truly inspired to embrace their unique authenticity and be equipped with the tools for bolstering their values, building their resilience and embracing their strengths and gifts.

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