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April 9, 2017

How School Leaders can Reconnect with their Passion & Purpose

How School Leaders can Reconnect with their Passion & Purpose

A school leader’s vocational vitality, or capacity to be vital, present and deeply connected …. Is not a fixed, inedible condition, but a state that ebbs and flows with the context and challenge of leadership life.”

[ Intrator & Kunzman, 2006]


As a school leader, I am sure you know this to be true. The energy that you had when you began the day at 5.30am in the morning, will not be the same as when you finish the day at 9.00pm in the evening. Your role is such that you are required to be all things to all people. In any given moment, you are expected to be:


– Productive and be seen to be productive

– On ‘parade’ and on display at all times

– Open to criticism/challenge and expected to be responsive [constructively so] at all times

– Comfortable with conflict

– Adaptable to ever-increasing and complex demands

– Switch modes quickly and efficiently

– Engage deeply and constructively with detail

– Apply the knowledge and expertise of trained counsellors and social workers

– Demonstrate political astuteness

– Understand the make-up and personality traits of all those you lead and manage


And the list goes on and on and on! The problem is, you expend a huge amount of emotional, mental and physical energy as you rush around seeking to tick off every item on the list. If time isn’t made to slow down and regain some type of inner equilibrium, dissonance and a growing disconnection with your original passion and purpose can become the norm. Leadership begins to lose its joy and it can be all too easy to fall out of love with a vocation that you once held so dear.

Key Questions to help School Leaders re-claim their vocational vitality


The balance of questions in the life of a school leader are un-equal. If the only questions you are asked, are the ones that require you to justify, explain, give account and defend, you will end up leading from a very guarded position.


No-one wants to make themselves vulnerable. Particularly when the stakes are so high. Yet when we don’t, when we don’t allow space and time to reflect on a different type of question, we lose the connection with our heart’s purpose and the core of who we really are.



In an age where burn out and increased levels of early attrition from school leadership have become commonplace, it is essential that more humane ways are found to keep school leaders in the profession. If you are a School Leaders, finding these support systems can very often mean the difference between simply surviving in your role and instead, learning how to thrive.


A simple, but very effective first step, to help you move from surviving to thriving, is to reflect on questions that engage the heart and invite exploration of your big ‘Why’ and the reasons behind why you do what you do.


If you want your life as a School Leader to be different, then begin today. Find a quiet space, to reflect on these four key questions.


1. What aspects of your identity and integrity feel most supported and engaged by the work that you do?

2. What brings you joy in your role?

3. What aspects of your role facilitate you showing up as your best self?

4. What can you do to keep a deep connection between your vision and values and the reasons why you became a school leader?


You will get even more out of this exercise if you find someone you trust to simply share your responses with. If you are fortunate enough to find such a person, you will find that they will help you come to meet yourself on new terms. By their gift of listening they may just help to set you back on the path to re-connecting with your original passion, vision and purpose.




Reconnect with your vision, passion and purpose


If you would like to go even further with finding new ways to re-connect with what matters most, then why not join us on one of our retreats? These relaxing getaways are aimed to help you to re-energise, reconnect with your values and focus on your strategy for securing outstanding results for you and your school this summer. The retreats are 2 days long and will involve journaling, discussion and walking and a series of structured discussions and are designed to help you:


– Learn how to build emotional resilience and courage to take risks

– Develop relationships with, share support & best practice with like-minded school leaders

– Make sense of what it means for you to be a school leader today

– Deepen your connection with your values and your original vision, passion and purpose

– Identify ways of being that will support you in being the best that you can be

– Reflect on your year, experiences you’ve had & how these can be used for growth




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