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July 21, 2017

Developing Resilient School Leaders in Turbulent Times

Developing Resilient School Leaders in Turbulent Times

This blog comes from current Ofsted Inspector, Senior Principal Adviser and “Education for the Soul” workshop facilitator, Dr Ogugua Okolo-Angus

‘We are stronger than we think. We have emotional, spiritual and even physical resources at our disposal. We may get knocked down, but we don’t have to stay down’’ (Steve Goodier)

The fundamental belief is that challenges are obstacles to overcome. By enhancing purposeful leadership at all levels provides an essential vehicle for providing the best educational opportunities for children and young people.

The concept is simple: be guided by your moral compass to do what is right, lead by way of example, create authentic practices when implementing and embedding strategic improvement plans, develop resilience skills that carry you through even the most turbulent times.

There has never been a more opportune time for being resilient in leadership. With increased governmental pressures, greater levels of accountability and devolved responsibility, school leaders are aware of the immense pressure placed upon them.

The work of school leaders is relentless and as such the journey to success requires a deep inner strength to sustain the course. School leaders are faced with rapidly changing educational landscapes and require a greater strength of character and resilience.

To ensure success in leadership, today’s school leaders unquestionably need a core set skills and competencies but more importantly wide ranging leadership behaviours and attributes to keep in control.

This training package acknowledges all the challenges and brings together a heartfelt programme so that integrity and fairness, strength and resolve, mentoring and openness and value based leadership resonate through exemplary leadership.

Some competencies will no doubt be easier to maintain than others and so developing a growth mindset enables the challenges to be recognised as simply obstacles to overcome.

As Alex Karras, puts it:

‘’Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.’’

Or in the words of Jodi Picoukt…

“The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.”

 Building Resilience as a School Leader…


On the 19th October 2017, Dr Ogugua Angus-Okolo joined as we hosted Headteachers & School Leaders from across the country for this new “Education for the Soul” Conference designed to help leaders to explore and discuss what matters most to them (their values, hopes and passion) and locate ways of leading that are aligned to themselves and their hope for their schools.


It is fair to say, the day was a very special one and a huge success with so many school leaders and education professionals joining us for this. It was so wonderful to watch these individuals drop their leadership masks and come together, in service of one another and in service of shared hopes, dreams and ambitions for our children and our schools.


Following the success of the conference, I’m delighted to say that in October 2020, we will once again host Headteachers & School Leaders for this special conference.


“Education for the Soul” 2020 will feature a new selection of expert speakers and workshop hosts, who will be sharing their insights into how school leaders can look after their own well-being, get the most out of those they lead and deliver the best outcomes for their pupils.


The conference will aim to build on the outcomes of our previous “Education for the Soul” conferences and seek to explore how school leaders and teachers can learn to lead with integrity, depth and purpose.


As part of this, we will look into how individuals can stay connected to their “why” and their deepest values. Above all, “Education for the Soul” 2020 will aim to help school leaders and teachers:


– Foster a deep sense of vocation and purpose amongst all staff

– Increase their understanding of the relationship between school development and personal development

– Keep hope, joy passion, commitment and creativity at the heart of their school and relationships with self and others


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