An Open Invitation to Every School Leader

I think it is fair to say that as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, the challenge and complexity of role of a School Leader  has grown exponentially.

Every School Leader in the country has faced an enormous amount of change; personally and professionally. These are unprecedented times, for which there are no rule or guide-books. Everything has changed!

Relationships with families, pupils and staff have changed. The speed of change has been swift, with little or no time for School Leaders to make sense of both the here and now and also what the ‘new order’ might bring.

Whilst many Heads are doing their best in an impossible situation, many are struggling to navigate the uncertainty that has accompanied this global pandemic.

The old norms have been stripped away and this can lead to feelings of discomfort, disorientation and anxiety about the current situation in which we have found ourselves. This situation has further exacerbated feelings of overwhelm, isolation and stress that prior to the pandemic, were already prevalent in the teaching profession.

All we do know with any degree of certainty – is that for now, this is our new normal and it will require huge amounts of resilience, courage and flexibility to navigate these perilous times.

In order for School Leaders to be able to navigate through this time successfully, it is important that leaders are offered support that will help them address the emotional and psychological fallout from this pandemic.

They need safe relational spaces to explore, question and reflect on how events are impacting on them, on others and their school. Without such spaces, we know that this crisis could prove to be both overwhelming and isolating for those who lead our schools.

Leaders also run the risk of emotional ‘burn out’.  When this begins to happen, not only do we experience extreme levels of mental and emotional exhaustion that can be debilitating, but we also can begin to derive less satisfaction from our lives.
Having been a Head myself and experienced burnout, I know all too well what this feels like and equally what must be done to prevent it!
It is for this reason, that I now offer free “Coaching for the Soul” calls, for Heads who feel that they could benefit from a confidential space that will allow them to:
–  Talk through the challenges they’re facing and find solutions
–  Receive support and encouragement in their current situation
–  Reflect on recent events and the impact they are having
–  Gain clarity around their thoughts and plan a way forward

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 If you feel like you’d benefit from a call like this or perhaps know someone who would, please follow the link above!


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