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November 26, 2016

Our Winter Well-being Blog Calendar

Our Winter Well-being Blog Calendar

What is Our Winter Wellbeing Calendar all about?


Whilst the Christmas period is seen as the time of the year for joy and celebration, what’s often not recognised, is that it can be a particularly tiring and stressful time of the year for school leaders and teachers.

The plays and special assemblies are all wonderful cause for celebration. However, the continuous run of late nights, mixed in with the everyday pressures of school life can take their toll!

That’s why this year, we thought we’d try to lend a ‘virtual’ helping hand! To help make December just that little bit less stressful and more joyful for you, with our first ever, Winter Wellbeing Advent Calendar.


What can you expect?


The Calendar will involve 24 days of mini-blogs/thoughts for the day designed to offer you encouragement, support and useful advice to help you stay positive right through to Christmas day.

These mini-blogs will be provided by inspiring educators, focused around a different theme of Well-being in education. We have enlisted top educational thought-leaders, bloggers, coaches, authors and inspiring school leaders to bring you a fantastic calendar of wellbeing wisdom, thought-provoking questions for reflection, and words of encouragement and inspiration.

Here is the list of the next 12 days of blogs for the Calendar:




Our Calendar will also be run in collaboration with #Teacher5aday (Twitter Teacher Wellbeing initiative set up by Martyn Reah) and @Tim_JumpClarke’s Winter challenge calendar, which consists of 24 winter challenges, to help you relax and be more compassionate to yourself and those around you this Christmas.


How does it work?

The first window will be opened on Twitter at 6:45 on 1st December.  Subsequently, every day between 6:30Am and 11:30AM, on our Twitter account, we will be announcing when the day’s window on the advent calendar has been opened and the new mini blog/thought for the day has been released.

Even if you don’t have Twitter, when the window has been opened you’ll be able to read the day’s mini blog by following the link on the calendar itself or via our homepage.

Alternatively, you can now sign up by filling in the form at the bottom of this blog.


How can I find the day’s mini-blogs?

The announcement of the day’s mini-blog will always be found on the Integrity Coaching Twitter page – click here to follow us on Twitter

Alternatively, you’ll be able to find every single day of the Advent Calendar window here on our website:

Go to the Calendar

How can I get involved? 


We’d love you to get involved with the calendar as much as possible, so if you have any reflections on the winter wellbeing thoughts of the day, please do share them via Twitter using the #WinterCalendar hashtag.

Likewise, if you have any photos, snippets of wisdom or quotes that have inspired you and think would inspire others through the month of December, please do share these too.


Just be sure to use the #WinterCalendar hashtag!


Receive every day of the Calendar as soon as it’s released!

Sign up to receive our Winter Wellbeing Calendar direct to your mailbox every morning as soon as it’s been opened!

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