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February 26, 2017

#WomenEd – Why it’s So Much More than a Movement

#WomenEd – Why it’s So Much More than a Movement

This week’s blog comes from Maria Alex O’Neill (@DaringOptimist), co-founder of HealthyToolkit HQ, teacher, coach, passionate Womened advocate and organiser of the upcoming WomenEd West Midlands regional event.


, what is it?


According to the website, ‘‘ is a grassroots movement which connects existing and aspiring leaders in education.’’


For me, undoubtedly, it has been much more than just a movement. It has been an everlasting source of inspiration, encouragement, friendship and unconditional support. Teaching is one of the most challenging professions with significant and at times overwhelming responsibilities and pressures placed on its members.


Your teaching life can get so busy that you might lose sight of the bigger picture and unintentionally acquire a self-awareness glitch that lets you go with the flow without paying much attention to your needs or wellbeing.


You lose yourself in your current circumstances and your personal and professional journeys start to be shaped by self-doubt and fear of failure underpinned by subjective opinions brutally expressed by others. An objective perspective ceases to exist and you end up somewhere in a twilight zone relentlessly trying to figure out what is the purpose of it all?


Then there is , your antidote to chaos and confusion, an amazing, caring and inspirational tribe of colleagues who guide you, support you on your journey of professional and personal rediscovery, who help you regain your confidence and start believing in your dreams again.


You become empowered to be your authentic self again and the feeling of belonging, one of the natural human needs, gives you strength to carry on and shape your personal and professional journeys based on love, courage, hope, integrity, and perseverance sprinkled with honest and courageous vulnerability.


I cannot wait to welcome our ever-growing inspirational community to Bablake School in Coventry on Saturday 11 March; it is beyond doubt that our collective voice is becoming stronger and stronger and the sense of our own collective power is undeniably empowering.



This event will be the inaugural Womened West Midlands regional event and is comprised of a whole day of inspiring and empowering workshops which explore the theme of #BeBoldForChange.

If you have been fortunate enough to get a ticket for this wonderful event, Viv Grant will be hosting a short workshop called “Daring Greatly: The Courage to be Vulnerable” in which she will explore the importance of Vulnerability in School Leadership and draws inspiration from the pioneering work of Brené Brown.

If you’d like to learn more about the event and the other workshops happening on the day, please follow the link below:

Learn More about The Event



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