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We believe that with the ever-increasing pace of change in our schools, true and sustained educational excellence can only be achieved when the need to provide a first-class education for our young is accompanied by the need to meet the emotional, mental and vocational wellbeing of those who teach them.

To help Church MATs achieve this, we are now offering services designed to support CEOs, Head teachers, Deputies and Assistant Heads, so that together as senior leaders, they can create environments in which all adults and young people thrive and are supported to achieve their full potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer and finding out if it’s right for your MAT, then please book completely free “no strings attached” 30 Minute call with Integrity Coaching Director, Viv Grant using the form below.


The call will offer you the opportunity to…


– Discuss your MAT’s current situation and challenges that you are facing – and your vision for the future

– Identify the areas in which your MAT may needs to change and develop to realise this vision

– Gain a deeper understanding about how we can work together to help your academy to develop outstanding cultures in which leaders, staff and pupils alike can grow and flourish

– Ask any queries and concerns you may have about the programme (e.g. implementation, timescales, monitoring, evaluation, resources and costs).


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