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Develop and hone your Coaching Skills at our Professional Coaching Masterclasses for School Leaders

Next Masterclass – Wednesday 25th September 2019

October Gallery, Russell Square, London

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Masterclass Overview

These bespoke coaching masterclasses are uniquely designed for school leaders who are looking to develop, hone or simply brush-up on their coaching skills and knowledge.

The sessions are designed to be both interactive and reflective. They will enable leaders to develop their own unique coaching style, explore progress made and identify new techniques, tools and strategies that will help them to take the next step on their coaching journey.

They will also provide a space for school leaders to share coaching best practice, experience and expertise. So that in turn, they can have greater success with their coaching conversations and deliver the best possible outcomes for their school.

No matter where you are as a school leader on your coaching journey, you are most welcome; whether you have been using coaching in your school for a while or you are looking for the best place to start, these sessions are for you.

What are the Aims?


These coaching masterclasses provide School Leaders with a space where they can:

– Share coaching insights from their own school practice and develop bespoke strategies for their own contexts

 – Discuss and find solutions to issues that are impacting on their everyday life as leaders and coaches

– Receive feedback on the development of their coaching skills and how to strengthen them

– Increase their knowledge of related coaching disciplines and how to integrate into their everyday practice

– Build networks with like-minded colleagues for developing and sharing best practice


Where: October Gallery, Russell Square, London

What are the Benefits?


They also provide School Leaders with opportunity to benefit from:

– Access to expert knowledge and guidance for improving the way in which coaching is used in their school

– A supportive space for development where they can confidentially be supported via peer to peer coaching to work through coaching, school improvement or leadership challenges

– An on-going mechanism for sustaining their progress and development as a coach



Autumn Term – Wednesday 25 September 2019

Spring Term – Wednesday 12 February 2020

Summer Term – Wednesday 10 June 2020

*These masterclasses will take place between 9:00am – 12:30pm


Non-Clients – £239.00 per class (excl. vat) or £675.00 (excl. vat) for all three sessions.

Integrity Coaching Client/Past Clients – £179.00 (excl. vat) per class or £499.00 (excl. vat) for all three sessions.

Next Session Outline

Wednesday 25th September 2019 – Developing your Coaching Style

The focus for the first session will be on: Developing your Coaching Style. With a selection of tools, activities and reflective exercises, the first session in September will aim to help school leaders to…

– Build a greater understanding of their personality and communication style, and how this knowledge can inform their practice and be put to best use in a coaching context

– Gain clarity around where they are on their coaching journey, so that they can identify next steps and areas for improvement

– Reflect on their coaching style and how they are using coaching in their school

– Strengthen their knowledge of the GROW model and how they can use it in their school to best support staff development

– Avoid common coaching and communication mistakes

Where: October Gallery, Russell Square, London

When – Wednesday 25 September 2019

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“It has been fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself and gained a lifelong skill that will help others. This has the potential to save the education sector from a national crisis”

Marigold Palmer-Jones

“The most inspirational personal development I have experienced in many years”

Julia Corby

“One of the most useful CPD programmes that I have been on; for myself as a Head, my staff and my school”

Lorraine Martin

“Excellent for anyone wanting to start their journey towards being an effective coach and shape the organisation in which they work”

Tim Beale