Coaching for School Leader Teams

We support Senior Leadership Teams with coaching designed to help them lead effectively and overcome the challenges of their roles.

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Coaching for School Leader Teams

We support Senior Leadership Teams with coaching designed to help them lead effectively and overcome the challenges of their roles.

Every Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has the desire to work effectively for the benefit of every staff member and child in their school.

However, as many SLT team members will testify, working together for the success of everyone is not always a goal that is easily achieved. Inevitably challenges arise.

When Senior Leadership Teams experience any of the challenges, leading as a collective becomes burdensome and impacts performance.

If your team is struggling with these challenges, then Coaching for Senior Leadership Teams could be right for your school.

Challenges for Senior Leadership Teams

  • Disagreement on how goals can be achieved
  • Personality and work style conflict
  • Poor levels of communication
  • Confusion over roles and responsibilities
  • Blurred lines of accountability
  • Lack of understanding about effective team processes

How Does Coaching Support School Leadership Teams?

Watch this short video of senior leaders we’ve worked with discussing the impact that coaching has had in their schools.

What to Expect

We provide coaching support designed to help your SLT:

  • Establish a process for holding meetings where all team members feel safe, valued, listened to and understood
  • Facilitate an open, constructive and supportive dialogue
  • Become more resilient, collaborative and solution-focused.
  • Understand why conflicts arise and how to positively address issues when they do
  • Build coherence around strategy, systems and policy implementation
  • Develop their resilience and ability to work collaboratively through the ups and downs of school life

3 Core Values

All our work with schools is bespoke. We do not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We understand that every school is unique, and that context, circumstance and challenge will be different for every SLT.

However, there are three core values around which our approach is built:

By its very nature, coaching supports innovation, creativity and the creation of cultures, that are closely linked to a school’s vision.

We work with SLT’s to develop powerful learning, supported by key relationships to help release creative energy for positive change.

Central to our work is the commitment to support teachers and School Leaders to keep their hope and love for the profession alive.

When we embark on any work with an SLT we begin by helping SLT’s to reconnect with what matters most, their purpose, their hope and their vision.

Coaching can only be successful when it is collaborative. Our coaching brings together the knowledge and expertise of our schools and ourselves as coaches.

It’s also why our sessions and learning intentions are always agreed together. This ensures they fit closely with a school’s desired outcomes.

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A Research Report into the Impact of Leadership Coaching in Schools

Learn how coaching supports sustainable and effective leadership in schools in the Leeds Beckett University Research report into the impact of our coaching services.

School Leadership Team Case Study

Arnhem Wharf Primary School

As a school that was expanding its senior leadership team at Arnhem Wharf had to develop and implement a strategy for addressing the challenges that accompany growth.  Key aspects of the plan were linked very closely to increasing the leadership capacity of adults at:

  • Senior Management level 
  • Middle Management level
  •  Support staff level

Learn more about how Integrity Coaching helped to increase leadership capacity and improve performance in a large inner city primary school.

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