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“Education for the Soul” Conference

Aligning School Improvement with What Matters Most


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Integrity Coaching exists because we care. We care about our children. We care about our schools. We care about the teachers and school leaders.

Over the past decade, I have witnessed first-hand how high levels of public scrutiny and personal accountability have eroded the profession’s ability to care for and meet the human needs of those who are on the frontline.

I have seen many teachers and school leaders sacrificing their personal well-being to simply survive in the profession. I’ve coached Heads on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I have received desperate pleas from their partners and witnessed the inhumane treatment of those who have disappeared from the system.

I fear more and more for the loss of humanity in our education system. SAT’s and GCSE results, OFSTED grades and league tables appear to have more importance than the people behind it all.

This is not how education should be. This is not how we fulfil society’s hopes and dreams for our children. Things have to change.

That’s why on the 19th October 2017, we hosted our inaugural, ‘Education for the Soul’ conference.

This was a conference that sought to extend the conversation around school leadership, well-being and standards in our schools and aimed to:

 • Inspire                • Invigorate          • Challenge       • Support

Pre-Register for “Education for the Soul” 2018


Aims of the Conference

The conference aimed to provide a unique opportunity and space for…



Where leaders could be themselves and reflect with like-minded colleagues on the aspects of school leadership that matter most to them


Where leaders could deepen their knowledge and get a better understanding of how wellbeing contributes to personal performance and school outcomes


Where leaders could find solutions, practical ideas and suggestions for creating schools that are aligned to their vision, passion and purpose


Where leaders could laugh, share and have time to talk with others about how to achieve the very best for themselves and those they lead and manage






With a selection of the best experts on leadership and well-being, the conference explored new and sustainable ways of leading that could enable School Leaders to overcome the stresses of their roles and maintain their ability to lead and inspire others.


It was a conference for both the hearts and minds of our school leader, that hoped to shed light on how the development needs of our school leaders can be met to ensure that all in our schools flourish.


Together, we tackled some of the biggest questions affecting education and the experience of school leaders today. We delved deep into the realities of school leadership and considered the true emotional and psychological cost of leading today to locate what school leaders need to thrive in their roles.

Key Themes


Over the course of the day, with a selection of talks, workshops and discussion, we examined a number of themes of key importance to the daily reality of school leadership and our education system today, including but not limited to…


– Authentic leadership: What it means for school leaders to lead authentically

– Well-being: Taking care of ourselves and others

– Resilience: Maintaining the courage to lead

– The heart of school improvement: Improving schools from the inside-out

– Values-based education: Identifying what matters most

– Transactional Analysis: Learning how to bring out the best in ourselves and others

Who was it for?


This conference was for those in education who are committed to creating the best possible futures for our young people. It was for anyone who wanted to know how to raise and maintain high standards of education in ways which:


– Sustain and support the well-being of themselves and all members of their school community

– Align with their sense of vocation, purpose, passion and core reasons for being a school leader

– Are generative and enable all members of the school community to flourish

– Foster emotional intelligence and assist staff and pupils to develop deep levels of emotional resilience and courage

– Support the human spirit and enable all to grow in relationship with others and the communities of which they are a part


This includes, but was not limited to…

 • Executive Head teachers   • Academy CEOs   • Head teachers & Principals  

 Deputies & Vice Principals  •  Assistant Head Teachers   •  Chair of Governors

What did those who attended say?

It was a sincere and honest conference, delivered by real and caring people. It was a real delight and I would say, life-changing.

After today, I feel invigorated, encouraged and fired up to keep going and giving my best.

The space allowed me to reflect, think and make connections, leading to a truly refreshing time.

It was an excellent day. Totally achieved what I feel Viv speaks and leads by – energy, truth and sincerity.

Outcomes of the Conference

We hoped that all those who attended our Conference would leave with…


A renewed sense of purpose and clarity about your vision and values and how to bring them to life in your school


Solutions for improving your school that match your context and the communities you serve

New Approaches

A greater understanding of personalised and holistic approaches for maximising both staff and pupil performance


An understanding of steps that you can take to support your own well-being and that of those you lead and manage

What were the 3 Key Lessons of “Education for the Soul” 2017?



The day was a very special one indeed, and it was deeply humbling to see so many school leaders drop their leadership masks and come together, in service of one another and in service of shared hopes, dreams and ambitions for our children and our schools.


The conference created a space where discussions about the relationship between well-being and leadership could be held openly and candidly, and real solutions could be found. Above all, the day confirmed three vital lessons that every School Leader should know…


What were the 3 Lessons?