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Education for the Soul Conference 2019

Inspiring Authentic School Leadership

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The Education for the Soul Conference 2019 was an inspirational day, full of keynotes, workshops and panel discussions, hosted by some of the foremost experts in Well-being, Authenticity and Resilience

Lemn Sissay (Keynote Speaker)


Lemn Sissay is an award winning writer, poet, performer playwright, artist and broadcaster. He has read on stage throughout the world: from The Library of Congress in The United States to The University of Addis Ababa, from the Botanic Gardens of Singapore to literature festivals in Sri Lanka, from Wembley Football stadium to Maryland Football stadium, from the theatres of Bangalore to the theatres of Dubai, from a literature festival in Bali to a stage in Greenland AND Wigan library.

He was awarded an MBE for services to literature. He is also the Chancellor of The University of Manchester and has honorary doctorates from The University of Huddersfield, The University of Manchester and The University of Kent.

He has also been commissioned to write for the London Olympics, the FA Cup, and is the current Poet Laureate of Canterbury.


Keynote Title: Why we need Authentic School Leaders


What is Lemn’s talk about?

Mac Macartney (Keynote Speaker)


Mac Macartney is an international speaker, writer and change-maker and contributes to many diverse organisations and communities. He has established a portfolio of enterprises both in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, including Embercombe, a valley on the edge of Dartmoor National Park which seeks to explore and promote the profound regeneration of land, society, and people. Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored by a group of indigenous elders.

In 2013 he was presented with the Enlightened Society Award by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and in 2015 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Education for his work in service to the community by Plymouth University.

He has delivered four compelling TEDx talks. Mac is a member of Danone North America’s Advisory Committee and is a passionate advocate of the B Corp movement within business. In the past he has also sat on the sustainability advisory panels for Lafarge, Lend Lease, and Procter & Gamble. Mac is the author of two books, Finding Earth, Finding Soul, the invisible path to authentic leadership and The Children’s Fire, heart song of a people.


Keynote Title – How we come to know ourselves as Leaders


What is Mac’s talk about?

Kevin Graal (Keynote Storyteller)


Kevin Graal is a storyteller and educator in early years settings, primary and secondary schools, museums, art galleries, conference centres and training venues.

His repertoire draws on traditional riddles, folktales, legends, myths and songs from around the world as well as literary texts and original material. Over the past 35 years Kevin has worked with many of the UK’s leading arts and cultural organisations including Royal Festival Hall, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, National Trust, British Library, British Museum, Kew Gardens and Shakespeare’s Globe.

He has also travelled widely with the British Council in North Africa and the Middle East to deliver teacher-training and storytelling in all kinds of settings including the Salon International du Livre in Algeria and the First International Children’s Festival in Saudi Arabia.

The focus of Kevin’s work – whether in the UK or abroad – is to motivate children and young people to see themselves as storytellers and to nurture in them a life-long enthusiasm for stories.


Keynote Title: See the Light!


What is Kevin’s Talk about?

James Pope (Discussion Panel Member)


James has been working in education for 22 Years. For 14 years as a Senior Leader and the last 4 years as a Headteacher.

James is passionate about developing leadership that is inspiring, creative and strategic. As a Headteacher, James needed to use all these skills to implement systematic organisational restructure during a time of significant challenge, financially and educationally.

The last year of James’ Headship at Marlwood School was captured by TV cameras as part of the BBC2 series ‘School’. The series was made with the intention to highlight to the public the challenges being faced by schools and their leaders and to contribute to the debate on Education.

James is the Director of InspirEDucate, working across the education network to influence policy and practice whilst using his experiences to support School leaders and their Schools.

Samantha Jayasuriya (Workshop Facilitator)


Samantha Jayasuriya works as an Executive Coach and is one of our Associates at Integrity Coaching. Samantha Jayasuriya is an Executive coach with a background in Education. She has worked in three diverse schools in London.

She trained as a coach in 2015 to help build a resilient and forward-thinking profession. Samantha works with clients to help them realise their potential, using her expertise to help build resilience in self and in teams.

Her coaching sessions help people move from conflict to courage, coping to change, complacency to curiosity and complicity to community. Samantha has been passionate about looking for positive outcomes in work. She helps you build connections with your values and helps you to find meaning in what you do; however, the clients always lead the way.

Samantha works with schools and businesses to raise people’s understanding of resilience and wellbeing. Her purpose is to work with professionals to use their positive energy to unlock further potential. Samantha is an accredited coach, has a Resilience certification, is Mbit trained and is working on her NLP practitioner. Her love of learning is linked to ensuring her clients get the best possible outcomes in their coaching sessions.


Workshop Title: Resilience and Well-being – The Foundations of an Authentic Leader

What is Samantha’s Workshop about?

Judi Stewart (Workshop Facilitator)


Judi is a leadership and personal development coach. She has had three careers including teaching, working in the not-for-profit sector and coaching.

Her career choices have been stimulated by a passion to work directly with people of all ages, and leadership of teams and organisations. Over the years she learnt that leadership starts with self-leadership and that the most effective way to work with others is to be open, authentic and objective.

She believes in the experiential approach, especially where it is backed up by empirical research. She works with a range of clients, for example, leaders in education and the commercial world, budding entrepreneurs at a university and people with special needs, especially in the area of neuro-diversity.

As well as individual coaching she runs training sessions, and other group work, including teaching mindfulness in the not-for-profit area. Judi is curious and a life-long learner. She finds her work and personal life mirror each other; her growth directly affects how she is with others and what she learns from others impacts on all aspects of her life. Judi has an MBA, an MA in Psychological Coaching, an MSc in Mindfulness-based Approaches, and is a certificated mindfulness teacher (ATP).


Workshop Title: Inside Out: Uncovering the authentic self


What is Judi’s Workshop about?

Tim Small (Workshop Facilitator)


Tim’s deep interest in learning and leadership is grounded in twenty-seven years’ experience of teaching and leading in six comprehensive schools, culminating in a headship in Wiltshire.

He has practised for fifteen years as an education consultant, working across the UK and in Australia, Malaysia and the Middle East. Tim has coached education and business leaders in a range of challenging contexts, working alongside them on improving their own and their organisations’ resilient agency and capacity for transformation.

He runs interactive workshops to prepare teachers and leaders to use the Crick Learning for Resilient Agency profile (CLARA) and Authentic Enquiry, to transform learning for individuals, groups and systems.

He has contributed articles and chapters to prestigious, peer-reviewed publications on leadership, learning and values education and he is passionate about integrating the accountability agenda with a humanity agenda.


Workshop Title: Working with Emotions – Understanding emotions and their impact


What is Tim’s Workshop about?

Giles Barrow (Host)


Giles began his career as a secondary teacher. He then moved in to work in specialist contexts, including off-site provision for youngsters excluded from school or at risk of custody.

His last post in LA work was as Head of the Integrated Support Service in Merton, south London. For the past dozen years, he has been working around the country, teaching, training, consulting and advising.

Fifteen years ago, he began training in Educational Transactional Analysis (EdTA), a psychoanalytic theory which provides a useful educational psychology for making sense of the relational aspects of teaching and learning.

It can also be extended to the theme of developing school leadership and has been incorporated in some schools to inform the how and why of education, alongside improving the quality of relationships in classrooms and staff rooms.

Since then, Giles has been working as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA), a role that involves offering specific training and support to trainees.

In addition, he has a Masters in School and College Management, Post-Graduate Diploma in SEN and a Masters in English Literature.

Giles writes on a range of themes of teaching and learning, school culture, leadership behaviour and vocation. Outside of working in schools he runs a small farm in east Suffolk.

His work is underpinned by three core guiding principles; a commitment to creating a better society, giving due regard to the soil and making space for the soul.


Viv Grant (Host)

Viv Grant is the Director of Integrity Coaching. She is also an Executive Coach, Author and Public Speaker. Viv has been in the teaching profession for over thirty years. When she was just thirty-one and expecting her first child, she was appointed as one of the youngest Heads in the country to turn around a failing primary school.

It was because of her experiences as a Head, that Viv developed a deep interest in approaches for supporting the emotional and mental well-being of school leaders.

As an Executive coach, Viv now works extensively with Head teachers and school leaders, helping them to overcome the challenges of their roles, so that they are able to maintain their humanity, joy, love for the profession and the communities they serve.

Her book “Staying A Head” is considered a seminal work in this area. Recognised as an expert in the field, she has contributed to various books and periodicals on the subject. As an expert commentator, her contributions have also been featured in The Guardian, London Live, Sky News, Radio Four, Woman’s Hour and the World at One.

Viv is also an Advisory Board member of the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds University

Prior to setting up Integrity Coaching, Viv worked as a lead consultant on a range of leadership development programmes for the Institute of Education, the National College, the National Union of Teachers [NUT] and the Department for Education [DfE].

Read Viv’s Guardian Article

Pen Mendonca (Graphic Facilitator)


Dr Penelope Mendonça is a pioneering graphic facilitator and cartoonist with twenty years’ experience of promoting human rights, asset-based thinking and co-production through visual practice.

With a background in health, social care and advocacy, she facilitates strategic planning, public engagement and person-centred approaches, she works with schools, universities, NHS, local government and charities, as well as on campaigns, including disability rights and Windrush.

Pen lectures at University of the Arts London, where her PhD developed Values-Based Cartooning as a research method for accessing and representing diversity, (in)equality and inclusion. She has published with Studies in Comics, Demeter Press and Women: A Cultural Review, Jessica Kingsley is publishing ‘Values-Based Cartooning’.

Join us as we seek to build a more compassionate, courageous and truly authentic profession

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