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“Education for the Soul” Conference

Creating New Narratives for the School Leader’s Journey

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 The Workshop and Talks


“Education for the Soul” 2018 hosted a series of workshop and keynotes, centred around the themes of authentic leadership, school improvement, well-being, resilience and narrative leadership.

The Keynotes


Education for the Soul featured keynotes from two of the foremost experts on Narrative Leadership and Storytelling.


Heart and Soul: The Art of Narrative Leadership


Keynote Speaker – Geoff Mead


Talk Time – 10:15 – 11:00




In this participative keynote session, we explored the unique power of story to create meaning and give significance to our individual lives and to our shared experience.  We explored the importance of storytelling for educators and leaders, reconnected with our innate capacity for storytelling and delved into some of the stories that have shaped us.


The practice of Narrative Leadership, developed over 30 years in the field of leadership development in a wide variety of public, private and third sector organisations, provides a way of using stories that is both practical and profound. It requires us to know ourselves and what the world is calling for before we can tell powerful stories that reflect what we stand for.


Technique can help us tell a story competently but heart and soul; feelings and imagination; passion and vision are what make the real difference. Together, we brought heart and soul into the room and reflected on what it means to bring them into our practice as leaders and educators.


What were the Aims of the Talk?


– Explore the ubiquity and power of stories and storytelling

– Consider the three-fold practice of Narrative Leadership

– How Leaders can use storytelling to explore theirvalues as leader/educators

– Enjoy ourselves in the process and have some ‘serious fun’


What were the Key Themes of the Session?

– Why we use stories and storytelling to make meaning

– How stories shape our identities and the world around us

– Why Narrative Leadership is more than telling a good story

–  Why if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything


Protecting the Leader’s Heart


Speaker – Jan Blake


Talk Time – 3:30 – 4:15




Drawing upon her vast knowledge of stories from across the globe Jan illuminated for us:

– Why a leaders’ heart needs to be nurtured, protected and encouraged

– How school leaders can ensure that their moral compass always points due north

– Ways in which school leaders can form new relationships with their vulnerabilities

– How leaders can discover what courage means for them in their own lives

– What it really means to be human!

The Workshops


The day also featured several workshops aimed at offering interactive opportunities for leaders to learn important leadership tools and exploring some of the most important issues in education today.

Using Story to Explore Professional Vocation


Facilitator – Giles Barrow



The workshop involved identifying and exploring the inner landscape of the school leader. This included personal reflection, discussion with colleagues and input on the work of Parker Palmer.


What were the aims of the session?


– To introduce the notions of script, story and the links with professional role and purpose

– To identify key values, core purpose and principles of school leadership

– To introduce the work of Parker Palmer


What were the themes of this Workshop?


– Individual professional journey

– Inner landscape of school leadership

– Professional vocation




The Leader’s Vision Quest: Harnessing the power of a great personal leadership Visions


Facilitators – Justin Robbins and Karen Dempster




Great leaders always have a habit of getting things right, even when they are going wrong. This is usually due to the strength of their personal vision and having a profound understanding of self and those around them.


In this workshop, we explored what a personal leadership vision looks like and how to apply it to your school. Using the DISC Ensize profiling approach, delegates explored their own communication preferences that drive their vision and examined how they can interact more effectively with those around them.


What were the Aims of the Session?


– Define personal vs organisational vision

– Explain the different personal communication styles

– Understand the impact of your style on those around you

– Develop your own personal leadership vision


What were the Themes of the Workshop?


– A vision as a ‘north star’

– Understanding personal impact

– Working with others for the best outcome for your school

– Leading with authenticity




Join us as we explore how we explore new ways of leading in Education today…


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