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"Education for the Soul" Conference 2019

* School Leadership * Well-being * Authenticity * Values * Flourishing

Thursday 17th October, 2019 – Friends House, London

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This year’s conference will focus around the theme of “Inspiring Authentic School Leadership,” very simply because we know that great leadership comes from the heart.

It cannot be reduced to simply a matter of technique or style, but rather it comes from the very identity and integrity of every individual who has chosen to take on the mantle of school leadership.

Moreover, we know that the majority of school leaders are not driven by data, numbers or spreadsheets. We know that instead, their motivation comes from within; from the very core of who they are, their values and their sense of vocation and purpose.

That’s why building an authentic approach to school leadership is so important. If our leaders are to succeed and stay in the profession for the long-haul then they need to be supported to develop the leadership practices that will help to sustain them.

They also need safe and collegiate spaces that will enable them to explore what authenticity means in the lives of school leaders today, which is exactly what October’s conference will provide.

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