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Day 2 – Reading the Warning Signs

By @ThatBoyCanTeach

We’ve all experienced the moment when, mid-work, the computer begins to automatically shut-down; it needs its updates and a restart.

Our bodies send the same messages, often in code and rarely in the glaringly obvious written-across-the-screen way of digital devices. No, our bodies are more subtle and there are positives and negatives to that.

Positives: Subtle signs can be ignored whilst we push ourselves to work outside our comfort zones, to remain patient in class, to get that last bit of planning and preparation done. The subtle signs can be ignored to allow us to be resilient, determined and high-achieving.

Negatives: Subtle signs can be ignored for too long which can lead to decline in health. Sometimes our bodies’ messages are so subtle that we’ve never learned to read them. When we miss the warning signs, or ignore them for too long, our bodies cease to function correctly, eventually shutting down entirely.

Look for, learn and know your warning signs. Once you know your signs, heed them. Allow them to influence your calendar – if your body tells you you need a break, give it one. Switch from work-mode to relax-mode, plug in and charge up; you’ll be much more use with a topped-up battery!



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