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Education for the Soul Conference 2019

Inspiring Authentic School Leadership

Thursday 17th October 2019 – Friends House, Euston, London NW1 2BJ

Main Conference Partners

We are proud that Education for the Soul Conference 2019 was partnered by some fantastic organisations from the education sector and beyond. 

TG Escapes


TG Escapes design bespoke modular eco buildings for schools and colleges that encourage environmental citizenship, outdoor learning, and help re-connect students and staff with nature.

The biophilic architectural principle is to incorporate natural elements at every opportunity, from the materials used to the lighting, air quality and acoustics, offering a building’s occupants an effortless connection the outdoors. Crucial elements are exposure to natural light, views of nature and easy physical access to the outside. Floor to ceiling windows and sun pipes maximise exposure to daylight which is believed to help reduce the incidents of myopia amongst children.

An eco building helps stimulate interest in the environment amongst students and staff. Living roofs, smart lighting, energy efficient design and solar panels all help to reduce energy and impact on the environment.

A standalone classroom, set apart from the main school building and connected with nature, will have an entirely different, tranquil feeling from the rest of the school. For those students with special needs, it can also open up a wealth of new opportunity to spend time in the outdoors that was previously inaccessible to them.

Natural views and light can have a huge impact on the mood and well being of pupils and staff as well as improving learning outcomes.

We are proud to support Education for the Soul 2019 because great leadership, excellent learning environments and inspired teachers are what our future generations deserve.


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YMCA Lakeside

You’ll find YMCA Lakeside nestled on the sparkling shores of Lake Windermere. Our 400 acres of private woodland within the UNESCO World Heritage Lake District National Park provide an unbeatable location for Outdoor Education.

Offering over 50 land and water based challenging outdoor activities, YMCA Lakeside has welcomed over one million children and young people since its inception 60 years ago. As part of the worldwide movement of YMCA’s, our ethos is about championing inclusivity and changing and enhancing young lives.

With a new £6.8 m schools’ campus to launch we are thrilled to support The Education for the Soul Conference 2019.

We are excited about the conference theme! Making the most of personal strengths, leading from within and building resilience are key themes at YMCA Lakeside. We look at developing these life skills and nurturing opportunities for personal growth which in turn lead to building better communities.

A visit to YMCA Lakeside is inspirational and we strive to partner with like- minded organisations. Education for the Soul seems like a perfect fit!


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The Key for School Leaders


The Key for School Leaders provides up-to-the-minute sector intelligence and resources that empower education leaders with the knowledge to act. We distil complex legislation and guidance into a unique suite of services and tools, from our market-leading information services to our innovative solutions for managing compliance and meeting statutory safeguarding duties.


We draw upon a strong social purpose, deep expertise in education and a relentless desire to stay ahead of a vibrant and fast-changing landscape. Our community of more than 100,000 leaders of schools and multi-academy trusts from across the country share our belief that true leadership is about putting theory into practice; that real change happens when leaders can take meaningful action. Our vision is to be an indispensable partner to education leaders determined to make a difference.

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Picture News


Picture News gives young people opportunities to explore and discuss current news stories with the use of a vibrant poster and a ‘big’ engaging question. We provide planning to help teachers prompt discussion and debate about each story, resources to help learners see how different people may have different viewpoints about what’s happening in the world and also follow up resources for children to take what they have learnt to further and deepen their learning.


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Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan is an environmental charity which draws on the connections between what is good for us and what is good for the planet, as a means to encourage long term behaviour change. Our work in schools, channelled through the newly launched Transform Our World hub, is built on a belief that teachers can be instrumental in nurturing the kind of values which will help young people be personally happier and become life-long environmental champions.

The hub will feature our ground-breaking Goals for Good programme which explores the ways our values impact the way we live, and helps students to set intentions to transform their world. We are excited to see that the “Education for the Soul” conference recognises the importance of values-based learning and are looking to learn from, and find out how we can support, those pioneering radical change in the school system.

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Conference Exhibitors

The conference also featured exhibitors who shared details of their services on the day.

Zen Educate


Zen Educate is an online alternative to recruitment agencies where schools save money, Teachers/TAs earn more, and a whole lot of unnecessary hassle is cut out of the process.

Zen Educate works by by-passing the typical agency middleman and allowing schools to search and book available Supply Teachers via an online platform – similar to an Airbnb for supply teaching. Schools using Zen Educate have typically had savings of 20-30% on their supply cover costs while teachers cut down significantly on the time and effort spent on managing their supply work.

Zen Educate is backed by prominent education leaders including the former Chief Executive of the NCTL and a former Board Member at the DfE. We work with 250+ schools throughout Greater London helping them achieve better
outcomes for everyone involved.

We are supporting “Education for the Soul” 2019 as we know that schools can have difficulty in finding the right staff and be a great contributor to the pressures felt by leadership. Furthermore, the current system of traditional agencies is inefficient, opaque, and costly to schools. We are making this whole process simpler by using technology and giving control back to schools in choosing the right staff for them.


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Conference Media Partners

Finally, the conference was supported by a prominent media partner for the event.

Independent Education Today


Independent Education Today (IET) is a market-leading magazine reporting on all aspects of private education. From catering to health and wellbeing, sports to finance, teaching and school life, IET is an unrivalled, highly trusted source for the latest news, appointments and expert opinion across the independent school sector.

IET is available in both print and digital formats to an opt-in subscriber database of 8,000 + key decision makers working in the independent school sector, including headteachers, bursars and deputy heads.

Interested in becoming an Official Partner of our “Education for the Soul” Conference?


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