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Coaching for Growing Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)

We support leaders within smaller and growing Multi-Academy Trusts so that they can grow their MAT, develop positive school cultures and effectively navigate the impact of change.

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We provide coaching and leadership development services designed to support CEOs, Head teachers, Deputies and Assistant Heads, so that together as senior leaders, they can create environments in which all adults and young people can thrive.

How does Coaching Support School Leaders?



Are you the CEO of a growing MAT and are seeking to support the development and well-being of the leaders within your trust? Do you want to…

– Nurture the sense of vocation and purpose of your senior leaders, so that they can stay motivated and passionate in their roles?

– Help leaders within your MAT to successfully navigate the impact of change and uncertainty?

– Ensure that all you and your fellow leaders feel valued, supported and empowered as you lead your schools and develop as a multi-academy trust?

– Support leaders within your MAT to identify their own solutions to issues and challenges relating to their schools?

– Grow and retain leaders within your MAT and improve their capacity for securing good outcomes for all?



Small and growing MATS that engage our services benefit from leaders who…

Maintain deeper connections with their core values, their passion and purpose and use these connections as fuel for delivering the best possible outcomes for their schools.

Demonstrate greater levels of self-awareness, emotional resilience and an increased ability to cope with the demands of the role and changes that take place within their MAT.

Feel empowered and supported in their roles, as they play their role in growing a happy and prosperous multi-academy trust.

Achieve outstanding results for their schools whilst maintaining a focus on their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of all members of their school community

The Challenges of Growing a Successful MAT


There are a number of growing pains that MAT’s face as they seek to raise and maintain standards across their family of schools. Many of the challenges centre around relationships, people management issues and harnessing individual will for the collective good.

New structures, new systems, new roles, new policies and practices can lead to intense periods of transition and uncertainty. Transition and uncertainty often evoke feelings of anxiety, doubt and worry. These feelings can quickly spread from one school to another and if not managed effectively can seriously undermine efforts for creating a unified approach to school improvement across a MAT.

Left unaddressed these feelings can seriously inhibit the performance of adults and subsequently outcomes for our children. As the CEO or a senior leader in a MAT, you will be familiar with the myriad of ways in which fear-based psychological responses to change can impact on the improvement process and levels of wellbeing.

Typically, you may have experienced:

1. Low levels of Trust: Individuals/teams unwilling to open up and share ideas or resources with one another

2. Poor levels of communication: Strained communication at all levels, that has inhibited the sharing and development of good practice across the MAT

3. Conflict in leadership styles:  Senior leaders with leadership styles that are out of alignment with that of the MAT

4. Decreased levels of Emotional Resilience: Individuals who have experienced difficulty developing their emotional resources and working through the inevitable challenges of daily school life

5. Role adjustment fatigue: Individuals who have struggled to cope with the emotional and psychological changes required to cope with their new and developing roles within a MAT structure.

6. High attrition rates: Problems recruiting and retaining staff, particularly if schools in the MAT have been rated by OFSTED as inadequate.

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What do MAT Headteachers and CEOs say about us?

“As an experienced Head teacher, I was used to the busy school day, evenings and occasional weekends, but coaching enabled me to develop a greater self awareness and work life balance. The thought process and skills around addressing issues that I learnt through coaching also remains with me and means that I can fulfil my vision as a Head teacher. I am energised, confident and committed to using and promoting coaching with my staff team. It was a great privilege to work with Integrity Coaching- an experience I will always be grateful for and will never forget.”

Ann Dwulit

Executive Head teacher, St Luke’s CE Primary School and Moreland Primary School, Islington

“My time with Integrity Coaching gave me the environment and space to examine my motivations and my thoughts. They helped me reflect on why I do the things that I do, in the way that I do them. In doing so, they were able to bring me back to what motivated me to do this job in the first place.They showed me how to get back in control, renew my purpose and zeal for my job. I quickly developed more confidence and self-belief and I have since seen the impact it has had on the rest of my school, from my SLT, the children to the governors.”

Sue Manzi

Headteacher, East Wickham Primary Academy

“I cannot stress too much the difference that a professional coach can make. There is a difference between a listening ear and someone who is a trained professional able to help you process what is going on in your professional life. That ability to facilitate self-reflection and analysis is powerful in supporting more effective leadership. Finding a coach who resonates with your values and sense of moral purpose is the key to getting this relationship right. That coaching relationship can be truly transformative and in my opinion is money well spent.”

Sian Hampton

CEO, Archway Learning Trust

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