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Free Coaching Support Call with Viv Grant


A space and opportunity to share how you’re feeling, talk through the challenges you’re facing and plot solutions and next steps.

There are currently slots available for a free Coaching Support Call over the coming weeks. To schedule a call with Viv, please fill in the form found below.

If you would be interested in having a Free Coaching Support Call with Viv, please complete the form below…

“ A Coaching support Call is designed to offer you a safe and confidential space to talk openly and honestly about the challenges you’re facing and find meaningful solutions for overcoming them.”


As a school leader, you do an amazing job! Every day you invest enormous amounts of time, energy, passion and commitment – seeking to create better futures for our children and the communities you serve.


This isn’t easy to maintain. After a long week and the inevitable challenges of your role, it can often feel as though your energy, hope and emotional reserves are in short supply – and it can be hard to find someone to turn to for support.


But you have feelings and emotions just like the rest of us. So it’s important you have a space where you can share your thoughts, worries, concerns and find solutions to issues of key importance to you and your school – and get back in touch with the person inside.


This isn’t how things should be. That’s why I offer free School Leader support calls to all those who may benefit from a confidential space where you can…


–  Talk through the challenges you’re facing

– Get support in locating next steps and finding solutions

–  Reflect on recent events and the impact that these have had on you as a leader and as a person

–  Gain clarity around your thoughts


“Viv helped me reflect on why I do the things that I do, in the way that I do them. In doing so, she was able to bring me back to what motivated me to do this job in the first place.”

“Viv’s vast experience enabled her to analyse our discussions and get to the nuts and bolts of the situation very quickly”


“It was just such a wonderful relief to be able to speak honestly without being judged, knowing that I could examine my own thoughts out loud and not get into trouble for doing so.”

Alternatively, if you know of a colleague, friend or family who could benefit from a call with Viv, please feel free to copy & share this link with them:

What would I get from a

Free Coaching Support Call with Viv?


Your call will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, so you can let your mask down without fear of judgement


Identify the steps that you can take to bring about positive change



The emotional care and support to help you overcome whatever issues you’re facing



Create a sense of clarity about what you really want out of your life as a school leader

About Viv Grant


Viv has been in the education profession for over twenty five years. She is a former primary head teacher and seventeen years ago was one of the youngest heads in the country to turn around a failing primary school.

She has been a lead trainer and consultant for a number of educational training bodies, including the Department for Education, the National College,The London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education and the NUT. She was a  contributing author  to the 2011 publication Mentoring and Coaching in schools and in 2014 published her first book, “Staying A Head: The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders.”

She has written for the Guardian and appeared on TV, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour, talking about her work and the role coaching plays in helping school leaders to excel.

Now as an Executive Coach and Director of Integrity Coaching, Viv works daily with others who have taken on the mantle of school leadership. As a result, Viv understands more than most what it takes for school leaders to overcome the often deep, hidden, inner struggles of school leadership and to succeed in fulfilling their vision for themselves and their schools.