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“Race, Identity and School Leadership” Programme

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A leadership programme for school leaders who want to to create change and new possibilities for future generations

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Through the Black Lives Matter Movement race equality and social justice have now been firmly placed back on the agenda and schools must be at the forefront as agents for change.

Black children and Black teachers need to know that in the UK education system their lives really do matter and see this evidenced as part of their daily lived reality.

Headteachers and senior school leaders have a key role to play in making this happen. Together, you shape the culture, the vision, the ethos for your school. Together, you determine in practice what racial equality and social justice look like. And together, you must decide the leadership that is needed for these times.

This is a courageous path that you will have to travel, because it will require you to explore issues of identity and integrity, organisational structures and processes and what they truly mean for Black children in the context of your own school setting. It will require you to have difficult conversations and face uncomfortable truths.

Yet it is these sorts of conversations which truly define leadership and are fundamental to growth and positive change. In an education system in which “Black Caribbean underachievement is real and persistent and they are the consistently the lowest performing group in the country” (Demie and McLean – 2017) it is a moral imperative for every school leader to show ethical leadership and to do what is necessary to raise the attainment outcomes for this group.

Martin Luther King said, “The arc of the Universe bends towards justice” but this depends on our participation.

This programme is an invitation to all senior school leaders to stand on the right side of history and to participate in a programme that will create new possibilities for future generations.

What is the Purpose of the Programme?


The underpinning philosophy of the programme is that of Ubuntu:


“Ubuntu is the essence of being human. We say a person is a person through other persons. We are made for togetherness, to live in a delicate network of interdependence.”

“I need other human beings in order to be human myself. If one person is dehumanised then inexorably we are all diminished and dehumanised in our turn.”

Desmond Tutu

What will the programme provide?


The programme will provide spaces for school leaders to:

– Identify key principles of racial equality and social justice and what best practice looks like in individual school contexts

– Question and reflect on the prevailing narratives that have shaped the discourse on race, identity, education and the achievement of Black pupils

– Use a narrative enquiry framework to identify how to create personal and organisational narratives that support the achievement of pupils of different races and backgrounds

– Equip senior school leaders with the  necessary psychological and emotional tools for engaging in difficult conversations about race

– Increase leaders own sense of personal agency and ability to act as an agent of change

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Programme Structure


This is a year-long school improvement programme, designed to impact leadership policy and practice. The programme consists of four core elements:

– Race Equality Workshops (Headteacher and designated senior leaders)

– Reflective Enquiry Sessions (Headteacher and designated senior leaders)

– 1:1 Executive Coaching (Headteacher)

– Final Evaluation Session (Headteacher and designated senior leaders)

Race Equality Workshops


The workshops are for senior leaders and are designed to provide a safe space for sharing, reflecting and developing confidence, understanding and expertise on:

– Reflect on personal learning experiences to understand educational implications of race

– The creation of leadership narratives and how they shape a school culture, climate and ethos

– How to engage in school-wide dialogue that will inform professional practice and impact positively on the lived experiences of all pupils

Reflective Enquiry and 1:1 Coaching


1: 1 Personalised coaching and reflective enquiry sessions are designed to build upon themes covered in the workshops and provide a safe space for senior leaders to reflect critically as group, in order to help Headteachers and School Leaders to: 

– Extend their thinking around racial equality and social justice

– Explore emotions and overcome personal defence mechanisms

– Rehearse and gain confidence in their ability to talk about race and pupil achievement

Programme Content

Module 1 – Race and Identity


Key Focus: Exploring the narratives that shape our identity, behaviours and our attitudes

What: Race Equality Workshop

By the end of this module, you will have had an opportunity to:

– Explore how your sense of identity is shaped by inter and intra-personal narrative

– Deepen your levels of self-awareness and understanding

– Identify individual and collective paradigms around race, identity and leadership that need to be addressed.

– Reflect on personal learning experiences to understand educational implications of race

Module 2 – Conversations about Race


Key Focus: How to discuss race in a school setting and stay present to the conversation

What: Reflective Enquiry Session

By the end of this module, you will have had an opportunity to:

– Explore common social norms and how they impact on our ability to discuss race

– Actively engage in a topic about race and identified key personal and professional learning points

– Increase your ability to feel confident and comfortable when discussing race

Module 3 – School Culture & Practices


Key Focus: Identifying practices to keep and those that need to change

What: Race Equality Workshop

By the end of this module, you will have had an opportunity to:

– Explore the impact of structural conscious and unconscious bias

– Understand deeper the role language and communication play in shaping school culture

– Identify the changes necessary for facilitating organisational change and bringing about greater racial equality and social justice

Module 4 – Colour Blindness


Key focus: Understanding why difference matters

What: Reflective Enquiry Session

By the end of this module, you will have had an opportunity to:

– Gain a deeper understanding as to why notions of being colour blind hinder race equality initiatives

– Explore how to positively engage and work with racial diversity

– Identify personal, professional and organisational actions necessary for acting with increased awareness around race

Module 5 – Developing an Anti-Racist Identity


Key Focus: Exploring how as leaders we can act as active agents for change

What: Race Equality Workshop

By the end of this module, you will have had an opportunity to:

– Build a deeper understanding of pedagogical models with which to frame interventions in support of anti-racist policy and practice

– Explore the personal development stages necessary for taking an active anti-racist stance

– Identify personal action steps towards developing a strong anti-racist identity

– Consider how behavioural change can be sustained

Module 6 – Committing to action


Key Focus: Formulating an integrated plan of action

What: Reflective Enquiry Session

By the end of this module, you will be:

– Empowered to act as agents for change, shaping behaviours and attitudes that will impact positively on the achievement of all pupils

– Able to identify the behaviours necessary for ethical action and decision making

– In a position to identify how progress will be sustained and impact measured

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About Integrity Coaching

The programme will be delivered by Integrity Coaching. Integrity Coaching is the UK’s leading provider of coaching and leadership development services for Headteachers and senior school leaders.

The programme is led by former Headteacher, Viv Grant who has a wealth of expertise and experience on strategies for developing best race equality practice in schools and raising achievement for Black Caribbean Pupils.

Meanwhile, Viv has also worked as an Education Consultant for the DfE and the former National College on school improvement strategies linked to the achievement of black pupils and has co-authored a considerable amount of related material for past National Strategies.

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To help you develop your courage, resilience and determination, our services focuses on four key areas…



Clarity about what you want for yourself and your school



Strengthening your moral purpose and ability to make the right (and sometimes tough) decisions



Creating positive beliefs about what can be achieved, to help realise your own strengths and capabilities



Embedding new behaviours to support the development of excellence in yourself and others

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To find out more about our “Race, Identity and School Leadership” Programme, register your interest by following the link below…

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