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Podcast: Race, Identity and School Leadership

In this podcast, I spoke with Caroline Doherty from the Key for School Leaders and Colette Morris, Headteacher at Christ Church Primary School around our Race, Identity and School Leadership programme.

Colette and her staff at Christ Church Primary School have been working with us to explore their own racial identities, bring about long-lasting change and impact whole school leadership, learning, policy and practice with regards to race equality.

As part of this discussion, we explored:

– The history of work that has been going on in schools regarding race and how this conversation is now starting to broaden out and involve more schools

– The importance of understanding your own racial identity and how you view the world before rushing to antiracist “action”

– Why school leaders and their staff should become experts in the racial context of their schools and should seek to understand the conversations that take place both in school and outside school about race

– The need for teachers to understand and be comfortable in their own identities before they talk about race with pupils


Podcast: The Impact of Coaching for Educational Leaders


At the Irish Primary Principals’ Network’s 2020 annual gathering, I delivered the keynote for the conference

Key aspects of my talk were later explored in discussion with Seán Delaney from Inside Education. Topics discussed included:

– The importance of school leaders recognising inner, subconscious narratives and  how to identify the narratives that no longer serve them

– How underlying thoughts and experiences can affect a leader’s ability to have difficult conversations

– Why school improvement and human growth and development go hand in hand

– What coaching involves, what you need to be an effective coach and how coaching differs from other forms of support

– How Coaching supports school leaders in their daily leadership life

Podcast: How to Succeed as a Headteacher

I’m often asked what does it take to succeed as a school leader? What are the personal qualities, skills and behaviours needed to be effective?

Whilst success can be determined partly by these factors, it is also  dependent on the degree to which leaders are able to navigate the emotional and psychological challenges of the role.

That’s why in this short podcast, I explored ….

– The current realities of life as a School Leader

– Why meeting your needs is key to sustaining yourself in your role

– My 3 key strategies for succeeding as a Headteacher

Podcast: Leadership Development Q&A


Recently, I took part in a Q&A session by the Key for School Leaders.

As part of this, school leaders from the Primary School Leaders Facebook group were given the opportunity to ask questions about school leadership and leadership development.

Questions that were central to the discussion focused on:

– How can new Headteachers ensure that their first term in the role is successful?

– How can Headteachers nurture strong working relationships with their Deputy Heads?

– How can school leaders reduce the workload of their team without putting more on their own plates?

– With falling budgets and redundancies looming, how can school leaders keep staff morale high?

Podcast: The Well-being of School Leaders

In an increasingly challenging environment of reduced budgets and recruitment difficulties, prioritising the health and well-being of school leaders is vital.

Whether you’re taking on a new school leader role, or maintaining current leadership under new challenges, this podcast looked at ways to minimise stress and maximise efficiency. In this podcast, I explore:

– Strategies in achieving a work-life balance

– How to recognise the importance of looking after your own wellbeing, as well as your team

– Leading without sacrificing yourself

– The importance of the relationship with the governing body in offering support

Podcast: Why our Headteachers are being let down!

 Teaching is often described as one of the caring professions. 

Yet it has always struck me as strange, that although the profession as a whole may be good at caring for the young people in its charge, it has a very poor record of caring for the adults in the sector.

For too long now, the needs of those on the frontline in our schools have been neglected. This is the reason why in this podcast, I explore:

– The types of questions Heads need to be asked to support their own emotional health and well-being

– Why we need to support Heads to ‘step up’ to the role in a new way

– How Heads can learn to take greater control of their emotional responses to stress

Podcast: The Role of a Headteacher

In this podcast, I explore with John Bishop, Managing Director of the Evolve Team, the ever-changing school leadership role.

We discuss:

– Learnings from my own experience of Headship and the loneliness of the Headteacher role

– The emotional and psychological challenges that school leaders  face

– Common pitfalls that leaders can fall into as they try to deliver the best outcomes for their schools.

– Why headteachers need  spaces to process events, issues and challenges

– The important “inner work” that headteachers must do to stay focussed, build a greater self-understanding and maintain equilibrium

– The importance of self-compassion, self-care and support

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