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Tim Small

(Senior Associate)

tim small

Tim’s deep interest in learning and leadership is grounded in twenty-seven years’ experience of teaching and leading in six comprehensive schools, culminating in a headship in Wiltshire. He has practised for fifteen years as an education consultant, working across the UK and in Australia, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Tim has coached education and business leaders in a range of challenging contexts, working alongside them on improving their own and their organisations’ resilient agency and capacity for transformation.  He runs interactive workshops to prepare teachers and leaders to use the Crick Learning for Resilient Agency profile (CLARA) and Authentic Enquiry, to transform learning for individuals, groups and systems.

He has contributed articles and chapters to prestigious, peer-reviewed publications on leadership, learning and values education and he is passionate about integrating the accountability agenda with a humanity agenda.

Based in the West Country near Bristol, he is an Associate Member of the Governing Body of a village primary school (of which he was a governor for eight years) and he is in advanced training in Transactional Analysis Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Berne Institute, near Nottingham.

Inspired by…

…the words and wisdom of Parker J. Palmer, helping us to ‘re-integrate the inner work with the life-giving outer work’ and found our profession upon identity and integrity.


Expert Interview with Tim Small – Building Learning Power

In a short interview, Tim discusses the emerging research into “Learning Power” and how the findings can be used to benefit both Schools and their leaders.

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Ben Gibbs

(Senior Associate)

Following an early career in marketing, Ben has taught and been a school governor, worked in educational research, policy and assessment, and consulted on curriculum, leadership and organisational strategy. He holds postgraduate qualifications in teaching, educational leadership and organisation development, and is about to complete the Tavistock’s MA in systems psychodynamic leadership and consultancy. He is a busy dad, loves cycling and walking, and spending time with friends and family.

Ben is driven in his work to develop learning relationships with clients to explore the conscious and unconscious currents that make work both fulfilling and frustrating, exciting and exhausting, desirable and distressing. Trained to look deep into the relational aspects of organisational life, he would love to work with you and your teams to make sense of what’s being experienced in your system and to identify the root causes of the challenges you face. Based on a belief that all the human capacity your organisation needs in order to achieve its mission is already there and that people come to work with the best intentions, Ben’s aim is always to help free up this goodwill so you and your colleagues can engage, succeed and thrive.

Inspired by…

Elemental nature in its most untamed forms. I used to love getting out onto wild seas under sail and still like to head to the coast in stormy weather. That and walking – especially in the mountains – stirs and inspires me.


Leadership Think Piece – Ben Gibbs

In a short think piece, Ben explores the psychodynamics behind school life and why it is that school staff and leaders alike can sometimes experience issues when addressing and emotionally responding to change.

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Thérèse Hoyle

(Senior Associate)

Thérèse is a highly sought after and professionally trained coach, mentor, coach trainer and educational consultant with 20 years’ experience.

She has held International Coach Federation Certification since 2006 and is an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited coach and trainer, DiSC Behavioural Styles Practitioner and Action Learning Set facilitator.

She specialises in Coaching, Leadership, Management Development and Educational Consulting. Thérèse advises schools and organisations nationally and internationally on all aspects of behaviour management, wellbeing, leadership and organisational development.

Her work focuses on building positive relationships in organisations through coaching, communication, behavioural assessments programmes and strong leadership to maximise performance. Her work has been featured in a Department for Education, anti-bullying video and numerous UK publications and Education journals. She is also a writer and author of three published books.

Inspired by…

Theodore Roosevelt quote: “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again… as if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly”

Expert Interview with Thérèse Hoyle – How can School Leaders improve Staff Well-being?

In this expert interview, Thérèse Hoyle shares some strategies, tips and tools that School Leaders can use to improve and support staff well-being…

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Samantha Jayasuriya

(Senior Associate)

Samantha is an Executive coach and former Headteacher.  She has worked in education for the past thirty years – 20 years of which as a Head teacher.  She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in Westminster, Barnet and Hertfordshire. Her career has been full and varied and she has managed to keep joy in her work at school and in her coaching practice.

Samantha has always valued professional development and realised the potential of coaching on both her personal and professional development when she was coached as a Head.  She trained as an executive coach with the AOEC in 2015.

Samantha is now an accredited resilience practitioner.  She understands the pressures that schools are facing right now and so works with clients to help them realise their potential, using her expertise to help build resilience in self and in teams.

Inspired by…

Children’s writers and one quote in particular from Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that you can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” I believe that most valuable things in life cannot be seen – love, friendship, hope, trust, compassion and integrity, yet these are the most essential requirements to achieving balance in our lives.

Expert Interview with Samantha Jayasuriya – Wellbeing and What it Means to me

How can School Leaders safeguard their own wellbeing and develop a culture of well-being in their School? Find out in this expert interview with Samantha Jayasuriya…

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Giles Barrow

(Senior Associate)

Giles began his career as a secondary teacher. He then moved in to work in specialist contexts, including off-site provision for youngsters excluded from school or at risk of custody.

His last post in LA work was as Head of the Integrated Support Service in Merton, south London. For the past dozen years, he has been working around the country, teaching, training, consulting and advising.

Fifteen years ago, he began training in Educational Transactional Analysis (EdTA), a psychoanalytic theory which provides a useful educational psychology for making sense of the relational aspects of teaching and learning.

It can also be extended to the theme of developing school leadership and has been incorporated in some schools to inform the how and why of education, alongside improving the quality of relationships in classrooms and staff rooms.

Since then, Giles has been working as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA), a role that involves offering specific training and support to trainees.

In addition, he has a Masters in School and College Management, Post-Graduate Diploma in SEN and a Masters in English Literature.

Giles writes on a range of themes about learning, schooling and the relational aspects of school life. Outside of working in schools he runs a small farm in east Suffolk.

His work is underpinned by three core guiding principles; a commitment to creating a better society, giving due regard to the soil and making space for the soul.


Inspired by…

Some great teachers both past and present. I continue to be astonished at just how powerful educators can be in touching the lives of their students.


Expert Interview – How to Support New Headteachers

In this expert interview, Giles explains why he believes that new Headteachers need a unique form of support, that is rarely made available to them.

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Mary Evans


Mary is an Executive Coach with a particular interest in Resilience. She has 28 years of senior management experience in 5 local authorities. Most recently this was as Deputy Director of Children’s Services in Wandsworth Borough Council. She started her career with 10 years of teaching, including time as a Deputy and Acting Headteacher in a new primary school.

Training from Integrity Coaching was Mary’s introduction to coaching. She went on to gain a Certificate and then a Practitioner Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching. She then passed the Resilience Accreditation Programme, from the Resilience Engine, with AoEC.

Since April 2014 Mary has been self employed, coaching senior staff in a range of Local Authorities and headteachers. She has an outcome focus which is informed by her professional background. Her style combines challenge with empathy and support. She is clear sighted and pragmatic with a sensitive, intuitive approach.

Mary understands the isolation of many senior managers and the range of challenges and complexity they face. She is particularly interested in working with those facing change or transition, who want to manage better their professional demands in a way which does not compromise their physical and mental health and personal wellbeing.

On a weekly basis, Mary does voluntary coaching with a cancer support charity, which brings her into contact with a wide range of different people and life situations. She sees this as a key means of widening and strengthening her coaching practice. Mary was also a Trustee and Vice Chair of Welcare, a child and family support charity.

Inspired by…

Paintings, drama, dance and novels which connect beyond the intellectual level and which draw out creative, emotional and spiritual responses and engage me as a whole person.


Expert Interview with Mary Evans – Sustaining Resilience in School Leadership

In her expert interview, Mary Evans explores how school leaders can sustain and safeguard their resilience amidst the challenges of the role.

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Barbara McCleery



Barbara is a commercially focused Chartered Occupational Psychologist and coach with more than seventeen years consultancy experience operating at all levels in an organisation from front line teams to senior management level within the public and blue chip private sectors. She has lived and worked in Asia as an HR Consultant for a multi-national organisation.

Barbara has considerable experience coaching senior managers from a diverse range of backgrounds (business/functional, cultural, age etc). Latterly, spent 6 years working closely with members of a global senior level talent pool within a large multi-national organisation; helping individuals realise their potential and create value for the organisation. She is foten described by clients as someone who demonstrates strong relational skills and a sound understanding of their job challenges with an ability to facilitate resolution of the stated issues.

Barbara is passionate about facilitating another’s development; creating space for reflection and growth of self awareness and ultimately allowing the individual to nurture their aspirations in pursuit of personal goals.


Inspired by…

A quote I read from the writings of George Bernard Shaw: The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.


Expert Interview with Barbara McCleery – How to Manage & Develop Talent

Talent Management is an organisation’s ability to recruit, retain and produce the most talented employees – but how can this be done in a School context?

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Judi Stewart



Judi is a leadership and personal development coach. She has had three careers including teaching, working in the not-for-profit sector and more recently coaching. Her career choices are linked by a passion to help others. Over the years she learnt that leadership starts with self-leadership and that the most effective way to work with others is to be open, authentic and objective.

Her time in the not-for-profit sector included being CEO of the British Dyslexia Association as well as the CEO of a consultancy that worked into the not-for-profit sector.

During this time she completed an MBA and later MA in Psychological Coaching. Over the years, Judi has worked closely with government, especially the former DCSF.  She was also seconded into Barclays to become Head of Community Affairs and later spent a year in Tanzania volunteering at a school for deaf children.

She is the Chair of The Mulberry Centre; a SW London charity that supports anyone affected by cancer.  Judi values diversity, including embracing difference and diversity of experience.

She relishes working with a variety of clients who include teachers, actors, artists, CEOs and even a space scientist. She sees herself as a facilitator providing a space for the client to explore and discover for themselves.

Inspired by…

Nelson Mandela: As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.


Expert Interview with Judi Stewart – Mindfulness in Schools

What is meant by “mindfulness” and how can schools and their leaders benefit from developing a mindful practice?

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Steve Russell



Steve has never lost his belief in education as a powerful vehicle to promote growth, both for children and young people and also for those working with them. His involvement in and commitment to education has seen him hold a variety of roles, including classteacher, behaviour support teacher and leading a school improvement team.


Throughout this time he has focused on developing his knowledge and understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ and finding creative ways to share this with hard-pressed school staff and leaders. He has a particular interest in helping leaders and leadership teams to gain a greater appreciation of what they do well/well enough, and to use this as a basis for planning and supporting further growth.

The testimony that perhaps best encapsulates how Steve works comes from the principal of a school that was in special measures who spoke of how “(Steve’s) way of working with colleagues is subtle and takes people from where they currently are as a starting point.

He has an excellent pedagogical knowledge and brings considerable expertise …. He forms excellent relationships with staff and students and staff and students enjoy working with him. He connects things together – whether this is people with people or people with ideas. He is very modest and enjoys seeing people succeed.”

Inspired by…

Parker J Palmer’s words: ‘Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique. Good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.’

Expert Interview with Steve Russell – Transforming Relationships & Behaviours in your School

In this exclusive interview, expert Steve Russell explores a fascinating new model that can be used in schools to transform relationships and behaviours…

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Mark Bisson


Mark is a leadership and executive coach with experience in strategic transformation. He started his career as a civil engineer and then moved on to senior management roles in strategy and performance. This was followed by leadership roles in Children’s social care, Education and Youth services.

Mark has been coaching and mentoring for 20 years with senior management and executive clients in the commercial, public and 3rd sectors. He also specialises in mental health and well-being coaching. Mark is author of Coach Yourself First- A coach’s guide to self- reflection. He has an M.A. in applied coaching and is a university lecturer. In 2019 Mark published George: The Cat who Lost His Confidence, a book aimed at supporting children in building their inner confidence through the use of coaching approaches.

Mark is motivated by a desire to support individuals learn, develop and gain new awareness about themselves. He believes that enabling the client to adjust their relationship with a topic and to shift their attitude, assumptions, beliefs, thinking or behaviour is key to them identifying new goals and building personal responsibility to take action.

Inspired by…

A quote from Paulo Freire from his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed “Looking at the past must only be a means of understanding more clearly what and who you are – so you can more wisely build the future.“ 

Leadership Think piece – Mark Bisson

In this think piece, Mark Bisson shares the 3 secrets that has learnt from his reflective practice over the last few decades that have enhanced his understanding of others both in his professional and personal life…

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Pat Joseph


Pat is a leadership development and executive coach.  She describes herself as being ‘passionate about people’ and is driven by supporting others to make positive progress in their lives and learning. She is keen to support people as they come against their ‘growth edges’ and help them explore their way through and beyond.

Pat’s foundations are in education and social care, having over 30 years of experience supporting inclusive practice in these areas. She has worked in the statutory, voluntary, and private sectors and was a business owner for over 18 years running a values-led training business which supported frontline workers to improve their practice when working with vulnerable families. During this time Pat worked to deliver National training programmes on behalf of the government’s Children’s Workforce Development Council.  She is committed to values-based leadership and has used this approach to inform her work.

Pat is committed to raising awareness of and addressing inequalities that particularly impact black communities.  She has worked towards addressing injustice and promoting anti-racist practice through her work in both the statutory and the voluntary sectors.

Pat currently spends much of her time working as a Leadership Development coach, working predominantly with CEOs and Senior Leaders within the social sector.  She sees herself as a coach who comes alongside clients and supports then to unlock their resourcefulness in the spirit of being the best version of themselves.

Inspired by…

Maya Angelou: Author, poet, dancer and civil rights activist “Leaving behind nights of terror and fear, I rise Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear, I rise”

Expert Interview – Pat Joseph

In this expert interview, Pat Joseph considers what is values-based leadership and why it is so important for Headteachers and leaders working in schools today…

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Claire Stewart-Hall


Claire is an executive coach who supports leaders and organisations to reflect on how values and beliefs are connected to leadership growth. She develops leaders’ self-efficacy to interact with impacting organizational systems of which they are part. Her coaching supports development of internal processes and structures which can be used to unlock inner agency and leadership.

Claire served as a leader and Headteacher in the UK in urban areas of economic disadvantage and poverty and has a wealth of experience in supporting creativity, optimism and self-organising systems to enable positive cultures to grow. Her PhD research is focused on diversity and whiteness in leadership and how institutions can develop discourse and processes to create equitable and inclusive cultures.

Claire uses transformational coaching to facilitate internal values work that deepen and strengthen clients’ confidence to take action. She uses a blend of transformational and psycho-dynamic coaching approaches, alongside her research of organisational, transactional and inter-group theory and andragogy (adult learning) within organisations.

Claire believes answers to our own development lie within us. She uses creative tools, such as, images, words, puppets and narratives, for unlocking and building rapport and creates trust to offer people time to reflect on their current situations and evolve ways they want to grow internal and external narratives.

Inspired by:

‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.’ – James Baldwin


Madhu Bhachu


Madhu’s motivation is seeing children and adults flourish through mentoring, coaching and inspiring leadership. She has worked in education for 20 years and has recently been a headteacher. She currently works as a Quality and Partnership lead for SEN and Inclusion for a London Local Authority and is a qualified transformational coach.

Throughout her teaching and leadership career she has been devoted to exploring and developing relevant and creative solutions to improve the quality of education that we provide for the children in her school and beyond.

Now as a qualified transformational coach, she wants to support school leaders and walk alongside them on the wonderful yet challenging role of leadership. She believes that supporting leaders will enable them to be more effective at their job but also happier individuals which ultimately has an impact on the experience our children have in school.

Inspired by…

“The resilient and strong children and young people that I have had the pleasure to teach over the years. They teach me something new every day and inspire me to be the best leader that I can be.”

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