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Poster – How does Coaching help meet the Needs of School Leaders?

We believe that it is only when your own needs as a human being have been met, that you are able to meet the needs of others and deliver the best possible outcomes for your school.

This small poster explores why these needs are important and the ways in which coaching helps to create the conditions to support leaders to meet them.

Poster – The “Staying A Head” School Leadership Manifesto

It is often forgotten that as well as being school leaders, headteachers are mothers, fathers, partners. They feel hurt and pain. They experience self-doubt and worry. They are human beings who have emotional needs that must be met so that they can perform at their best and live a healthy and fulfilled life.

That’s why we put together our “Staying A Head” Manifesto, which outlines the needs which every school leader has the right to have met.

Infographic – How to Look after your Well-being during the Coronavirus Crisis

In a crisis, it can be all too easy to forget your own needs and to become trapped in the Sacrifice Syndrome, particularly if you are a school leader. But self-Sacrifice is never a good strategy. You always, always come out worst in the end.

And so it’s important to remember… your emotional and psychological well-being matter and that you shouldn’t be afraid to make yourself a priority. To help you do this, here are a few things you can do to look after yourself…

Infographic – The 4 Steps to Successfully Managing Change

Change is all around us. It happens every second, every minute of our lives. Yet in spite of this, change is not something many of us are comfortable with. As a result, we so often miss the inherent opportunities for growth that accompany any change process.

In my work with school leaders, I have come to realise that change is managed most positively when individuals understand realise that there are 4 steps they must follow… 

Infographic – The 4 Coaching Skills Every School Leadership Team Needs

Coaching is a powerful personalised process that can be used to support staff development, motivation, and improve standards for all.

In order to utilise coaching effectively in a school setting, there are a wide spectrum of skills that school leaders can develop over time to assist both the personal and professional growth processes. However, there are four key coaching skills that are absolutely essential…

Infographic – The 3 Things You Need to Survive and Thrive in a Crisis

Many things can cause a crisis in a School, more often than not – they result from a set of circumstances which are often caused by things entirely out of one’s control as a school leader.

Even so, if not properly managed, a crisis can often bring with it a great deal of anxiety, uncertainty and upheaval which can be damaging to a school community. And so, it’s crucial that leaders have these 3 things in perilous times, in order to bring some sense of calm to the storm.

Sketchnote – 5 Ways to Recapture the Joy of School Leadership

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you feel like you’ve been going through the motions for a while now. The joy in school leadership that you used to feel has been subsumed by endless operational details, paperwork, and the stress of caring for hundreds of people every single day.

If that sounds familiar, you’re definitely not alone. Burnout is at epidemic levels among those in school leadership, and so many people think that unhappiness is just the nature of the job. But that’s where they’re wrong.

It is absolutely possible to get that joy in school leadership again — but it won’t happen on its own. Think about it like this: you know you have to put petrol in your car if you want it to run. Similarly, you need to make a regular practice of “topping up” your self so that you don’t end up burned out and resentful. These are 3 good ways to get started…

Infographic – The 4 Traits of Nurturing and Supportive Schools

Working with school leaders, I’ve witnessed the major role a school’s culture can have on a whole range of aspects of school life, ranging from staff motivation and retention, right through to pupil outcomes and well-being.

In that time, I’ve seen often those that deliver the best outcomes for pupils are those that provide a supportive and nurturing culture for both staff and pupils alike…

Infographic – How a Lack of Self-Care can Negatively Impact School Performance

It is easy to get so absorbed in our role and trying to “put the children first”, that we can consciously or unconsciously begin to neglect our well-being. However, when we do this, there can be devastating consequences for both ourselves, our leadership and inevitably those which we lead too.

This short diagram explores how well-meaning school leaders can find themselves in the sacrifice syndrome, heading down a fast road towards burn-out and ultimately hurting school performance.

Poster – What you Should Never Forget as a School Leader…

Amidst the busy-ness and pressures of life as a school leader, it can be easy to forget or play down the wonderful contribution that you make to the lives of young people. That’s why this poster is designed to remind leaders of their value and the enormous difference they can make everyday when they lead with their own unique passion, authenticity and commitment.

Sketchnote – The 5 Characteristics of Great School Culture

Stoll and Fink at the Institute of Education, who identify a number of school cultural norms that they cite as evidence of a strong positive school culture. They claim that if these norms are weak or non-existent within a school, it can present a real barrier to the development of a positive culture.

Out of the norms which they identified, there are 5 that I think are essential, if we genuinely wish to create school cultures in which all adults and young people thrive.

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