Privacy Policy

This privacy statement explains what personal data Integrity Coaching collects from you, through our interactions with you and through our products, and how we use that data.

What Data We Collect

Integrity Coaching collects data to operate effectively and provide you with appropriate content and only the news and offers that we feel would be of greatest interest to you.

You provide some of this data directly, such as when you express an interest in our service, submit a comment, register for a webinar, download a resource or contact us for support or advice.

We get some of it by recording how you interact with our emails or webpages by, for example, using technologies like cookies etc. In rare circumstances, we also can obtain data from our partners or information that is widely available in the public domain. If you wish to view or amend your data, you can email us at documenting your request.

How we Use this Information

Integrity Coaching uses the data that a we collect to operate our business, your orders and manage your account. We also use it to provide you the products we offer, which includes using data to improve our products, personalise your experiences and the content you receive.

The Right to be Forgotten

At Integrity Coaching, we’d love to stay in relationship with you but completely understand if you wish to no longer be contacted by us. As such, we ensure that you can always opt out of receiving our weekly emails by offering an option to unsubscribe from them.. Once you have done this, we will ensure that you no longer receive blogs and offers from us.

Likewise, we also respect your right to be forgotten. So if you would like some or all of your personal details removed from our system, we would be happy to do this. To request this, please email us with an outline of what you would like to:

We don’t Share Your Details (without your Consent)

We promise not to share your information with any third party organisations and/or partners outside Integrity Coaching without first asking your consent.

This consent can be revoked at any time. So if you decide you no longer wish to have this data be shared with a certain organisation, once again you can do so by contacting us at