Leadership Horizons Programme: An Overview

A programme for aspiring Deputies and newly appointed Heads to help elevate Leadership through personalised strategies that nurture resilience, purpose, and excellence in early headship. Register your interest for our Autumn term programme below.

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Leadership Horizons Programme: An Overview

A programme for aspiring Deputies and newly appointed Heads to help elevate Leadership through personalised strategies that nurture resilience, purpose, and excellence in early headship.

Register your interest for our Autumn term programme below.

Stepping into the New

Taking the initial steps into headship is a transformative experience, filled with excitement and newfound responsibilities. It’s a time to navigate new environments, foster relationships, and develop effective structures and systems—all requiring considerable time, energy, and dedication.

In today’s complex educational landscape, altered significantly by recent global events, aspiring leaders require more than standardised leadership resources and courses. They need tailored, personalised support to navigate these changes successfully.

Who is this for?

This programme has been carefully crafted for Aspiring Deputies, Heads in early headship and College Leaders in the early stages of their careers, particularly those who seek to:

  • Navigate the emotional and psychological transitions into Senior Leadership
  • Boost their confidence and tackle feelings associated with ‘Imposter Syndrome
  • Maintain a connection to their passion and purpose amidst role-related challenges
  • Develop strategies to manage stress and achieve a healthier work/life balance

Please note we particularly welcome applications from Senior Leaders from PRU’s /Alternative Provision, who we know often feel isolated and that CPD courses do not usually meet their own personalised needs.

Why Choose Our Programme?

In collaboration with the NEU, we’re proud to offer a highly subsidised early headship programme for aspiring Deputies and newly appointed Headteachers. Our programme has been designed to focus on personalisation and understanding the profound emotional and psychological transitions inherent in leadership roles.

This programme is not just about surviving but thriving, enabling aspiring Deputies and new Heads to adapt and mould their roles effectively, contributing positively to their schools and communities.

Because we recognise the importance of personal development, there is no coursework or assessments that you need to complete! We want to avoid adding to your already heavy workload. Our programme has been designed to provide reflective spaces that will support your personal and professional unfolding, ensuring you gain the necessary wisdom and insight to ground your authentic expression as a leader!

Programme Overview

Two Leadership Development Sessions

Bookending the programme to provide foundational and concluding insights.

Introduction: Being the leader you want to be:

Autumn Dates TBC

Final Evaluation: Embedding Leadership Lessons for Growth

Autumn Dates TBC

Four Personalised 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Offering a confidential space to explore role-related challenges and find meaningful, individualised solutions.

Our coaching is bespoke, focusing on four key areas to help you develop the skills needed to excel:

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Defining clear goals for you and your school
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Reinforcing ethical decision-making and leadership

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Fostering positive beliefs to realise your strengths and potential

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Establishing effective behaviours to promote excellence

The Benefits

Participants will gain:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence to respond to contemporary challenges
  • Increased confidence and understanding to manage their emotions and those of others effectively
  • Insights into personal narratives shaping their leadership pathways
  • A robust knowledge of well-being and strategies to maintain it

This is what participants from the 2022/23 cohort had to say

“I would describe my coaching as having been transformational.”

“I’m in a much better place. Becoming aware that my experiences aren’t unique has really helped. I now have a lot more confidence in my ability to do my job, my resilience has improved, and I’m managing more the way I want to run the school rather than how I felt I was expected to.”

“Coaching has been amazing and really helped to unpick my doubts and fears.”

Introducing our new “Staying A Head” Community

Exclusive Access to our new “Staying A Head” Community

When you enrol in the Leadership Horizons Programme, you will receive complimentary membership to our exclusive online “Staying A Head Community”. The community is inspired by Viv Grant’s seminal book, “Staying A Head – The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders.”

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Community Benefits

Termly Breakfast for the Soul Sessions:

Attend free, enriching, termly online support sessions focused on resilience building and the inner work of School Leadership.

Half-termly Webinars with Viv Grant:

Gain insights as Viv interviews special guests on their practices, songs, poems, places, and books that have empowered them to “Stay A Head” during challenging times.

Annual “Staying A Head” day in London:

Hosted by Viv Grant and Integrity Associates. Where individuals can meet School Leaders who share similar perspectives and want to maintain a compassionate, ethical and values-aligned approach to School Leadership (Only £299 for Community members/ £399 for non-community members)

Why Join the Community?

Exclusive Access to our new “Staying A Head” Community

  • Enrich Your Leadership Journey: Deepen your understanding and enhance your leadership skills with unique insights and shared wisdom from experienced leaders.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Be part of a supportive network of peers and seasoned leaders, exchanging experiences, insights, and advice on navigating the complexities of School Leadership.
  • Build Resilience: Equip yourself with practical strategies and inspirational insights to navigate the emotional and psychological landscapes of leadership with strength and grace.
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Securing Your Place

Make the Journey with Us

By joining our Leadership Horizons Programme, you’re gaining access to unparalleled leadership development and personalised coaching and becoming a member of a community dedicated to supporting your growth and success in leadership.

Invest in your leadership journey and cultivate the resilience, insight, and support needed to “Stay A Head” and positively impact your school and community.

Secure your place on the Leadership Horizons Programme today.

The programme is being run in partnership with the NEU and is open to NEU Members for a heavily subsidised fee of just £250.

If you have any questions about the programme, contact: cpd@neu.org.uk