Introducing the "Staying A Head" Community

This exclusive online community, created especially for Headteachers , is inspired by Viv Grant’s ground-breaking book, “Staying A Head – The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders”.

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Introducing the "Staying A Head" Community

This exclusive online community, created especially for Headteachers , is inspired by Viv Grant’s ground-breaking book, “Staying A Head – The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders”.

Why is this Community Free?

Quite simply, it’s because we care! Every day, we work with School Leaders and witness the impact of high levels of public scrutiny and personal accountability on the profession. We have seen how Headteachers have sacrificed meeting their well-being needs because of the state of ever-dwindling school finances. So, this community is our way of telling you that we don’t want you to struggle alone. We don’t want you to think it’s normal to suffer in silence and that you must grin and bear it! We’d never say that to our young people and we most certainly don’t want this to be a narrative you adopt for yourselves.

So, we hope you’ll take up this opportunity to join this new FREE Headteacher community. We will be honoured and privileged to walk alongside you and help you “Stay A Head.”

What are the Community Perks?

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Termly "Breakfast for the Soul" Sessions

Join us for invigorating online sessions each term, dedicated to bolstering resilience and diving deep into the heart of School Leadership. We’ll explore the essence of “being well in the world,” linking individual well-being to a broader context. These sessions underscore the importance of anchoring our well-being in compassion, care, and a steadfast commitment to our collective vocational purpose.  Our aim is to sustain our vocational passion, ensuring that as today’s leaders, we inspire our young people to become the leaders of tomorrow and continue to help shape a better world for all.

These sessions will be led by Viv Grant, Director of Integrity Coaching and Joshua Okunlola, Associate Coach with Integrity Coaching. Both are passionate advocates for ethical, progressive and holistic strategies for supporting School Leaders.

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Staying A Head Webinars with Viv Grant Every Half-Term

Delve deep as Viv chats with esteemed guests about practices, songs, poems, places and books that have been their anchor in challenging times. These webinars will be our half termly gift to you! Sent to your inboxes at the end of each half term. So that you can relax, be inspired and view them in your own time.

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Staying A Head Termly Wellbeing Online Booster Workshops

These workshops will be an hour long and take place three times a year. We will ask the community when, in the school year, you would like these sessions to take place and at what time. Integrity Associates and Partners will run these sessions and cover topics such as Building Resilience, Mindfulness at Work, etc.

Annual "Staying A Head" Day in London

An event by Viv Grant and Integrity Associates. Engage with School Leaders who resonate with a compassionate and values-driven approach to leadership. Special rates apply: £299 for Community members and £399 for non-members. Note: Join the waiting list here for our 2025 event.

Why Be a Part of Our Community?

  • Enhance Your Leadership: Immerse in a pool of wisdom and unique insights from veterans in leadership.
  • Forge Connections: Join a robust network of peers and seasoned leaders, sharing experiences and guidance on the multifaceted journey of School Leadership.
  • Fortify Your Resilience: Arm yourself with practical strategies and invigorating insights to navigate the emotional rigours of leadership with poise and strength.
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Celebrate a Decade of Empowering Leadership with the 10th Anniversary Edition of "Staying A Head"

A decade ago, Viv Grant’s seminal book “Staying A Head – The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders” revolutionised how we think about wellbeing and School Leadership.

As we mark this milestone, the 10th Anniversary Edition is poised to inspire a new generation of leaders.

What’s New in the 10th Anniversary Edition?

  • Esteemed Foreword: Dive into a thoughtful introduction by Evelyn Forde MBE. Discover her perspective on the lasting impact and relevance of Viv Grant’s insights.
  • A Fresh Chapter from Viv Grant: Explore wellness tied intricately to wholeness and racial literacy. With a decade of further experience and reflection, Viv brings forward new insights and discussions pivotal for today’s leaders.


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Exclusive Offer for our “Staying A Head” Community Members:

Enrich your leadership journey with this revamped classic. As a token of appreciation for joining our community, secure your copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition at a special discounted rate, available only for our esteemed members.

Evolve, Connect, Lead. With the wisdom of “Staying A Head”, let’s continue to pave the way for compassionate, ethical, and values-driven leadership in schools.

Whether you’re a seasoned School Leader or embarking on your leadership voyage, “Staying A Head” provides invaluable insights, strategies and support to navigate the challenging landscapes of School Leadership.

With the 10th Anniversary Edition, you will:

  • Deepen Your Understanding: Grasp the nuances of wellness, wholeness, and racial literacy, essential components for effective and humane leadership in today’s diverse educational environments.
  • Expand Your Perspective: Learn from the enriched content, including the reflective foreword by a distinguished educational professional, to broaden your outlook on School Leadership and stress management.
  • Cultivate Resilience and Compassion: Immerse in the holistic approach of “Staying A Head” to foster resilience and compassion, crucial for maintaining your integrity and well-being as a leader.

Limited-Time Special Discount:

Members of the “Staying A Head” Community are exclusively invited to purchase this enlightening 10th Anniversary Edition at a special discounted price. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this leadership masterpiece and empower your journey towards transformative and impactful leadership!

How to Get Your Copy:

Pre-order your copy below and lock in the discounted price.

Join us in celebrating a decade of transformative leadership. Enhance your leadership essence with the enriched wisdom of “Staying A Head” and continue to make a meaningful difference in the world of education.

Let’s stay ahead together!