Inspiring Coaching
Cultures Programme

A MAT development programme certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management

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Inspiring Coaching
Cultures Programme

A MAT development programme certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management

Programme Overview

Our Inspiring Coaching Cultures programme is one of the UK’s foremost coaching development programmes for MAT senior leaders.

The programme is for cohorts of schools and MATs with two senior leaders from each school typically attending the programme together to support shared learning within schools and across MATs.

Accredited and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, the programme is designed to empower Senior School Leaders with the coaching skills necessary for developing others and inspiring coaching cultures within their own contexts. 

The programme is designed to equip Senior School Leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use coaching as a tool to inspire the development of coaching cultures within their own contexts. 

It also enables leaders to: 

  • Create school cultures in which all individuals are empowered to take full responsibility for their actions and ownership of their success 
  • Strengthen their capacity for working with challenging adult behaviours and resolving human process issues 
  • Improve their ability to work effectively with different personality types 
  • Test out a range of coaching techniques, tools and strategies as they develop their confidence and expertise.

What's Involved?

The programme is accredited and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

As part of the programme, each delegate receives: 

  • Four days of expert coaching skills training 
  • CPD certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management 
  • Free 12-month studying membership from the Institute 
  • A DISC assessment (Personal Analysis tool – worth up to £100) 
  • Free copy of Viv Grant’s book, “Staying A Head” 
  • Leadership resources think pieces and all the course material 
  • Six bespoke ‘embedding a coaching culture’ support sessions

Costs – £2,999 (excl vat) per school. The fee entitles two people from each school to be a part of the programme.

The Benefits for School Leaders

    Individuals on this programme will come away with the knowledge, confidence and skill set that will enable them to:
  • Understand how coaching can be used to strengthen their ability to lead and manage others 
  • Use coaching to support school improvement strategies 
  • Embed coaching as part of a culture that focuses on building relationships and maintaining vocational vitality amongst staff 
  • Facilitate teamwork and minimise conflict within teams 
  • Better manage challenging conversations and a range of personality types

The Benefits for MATs

    MATs that enrol their schools on this programme benefit from a cost-effective approach to school improvement that supports:

  • Stronger relationships between schools, sharing expertise, resource and support 
  • Greater alignment with the vision and values of the MAT and how they are implemented in schools 
  • A shared collegial approach to developing staff and building leadership capacity 
  • A greater proportion of schools being energised in their improvement cycles by shared purpose, professional cohesion and personal enthusiasm 
  • Capacity to attract and retain talent within MATs through a demonstrable commitment to supporting leaders’ well-being

Programme Outline

To facilitate learning and accommodate School Leaders’ busy lives, the first part of the programme, focused on developing coaching skills, is spread over four days across one year. In the second year, there are three half days, focused on embedding a coaching culture. 


“It has been fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself and gained a lifelong skill that will help others. This programme has the potential to save the education sector from a national crisis”

Marigold Palmer-Jones

“Thank you for a fabulous course- the most inspirational personal development I have experienced in many years”

Julia Corby

“One of the most useful CPD programmes that I have been on; for myself as a Head, my staff and my school”

Lorraine Martin

“An excellent course for anyone wanting to start their journey towards being an effective coach and also shape the organisation in which they work”

Tim Beale