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Public Speaking

Our message… School leaders are human beings and their well-being is central to the success of our schools!

Viv is an inspirational speaker and specialises in giving talks and leading workshops on issues such as:


– How Head teachers can maintain and support their well-being amidst the challenges of the role

– Vulnerability and courage, why school leaders need to embrace both qualities to succeed

– Building Successful relationships through Empathy and Deep listening

– What resilience means in the life of the school leader

– The heart of coaching and its power to transform the life of the school leader

– Emotional Intelligence and what it really means to let go of the Leadership Mask

– Race, Identity and School Leadership

Watch the talk that she gave at the IPPN Conference 2020 on the topic of ‘Leading Out Of Who You Are’.


Viv Grant – OMG! So inspiring – I need her book.

Thank you so much. Viv Grant’s speech was very touching and I could relate to it so much

Viv Grant – beyond excellent. INSPIRING and much needed.

Viv’s session came at just the right time!

If you’d like to view some of the instances where Viv has been featured in the Press, please follow one of the links below: 

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