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Racial Literacy Coaching

We offer racial literacy coaching to support, inspire and encourage school leaders as they lead important work around race equality in their schools.

To explore with you how racial literacy coaching could support you in your role, you can now book a free coaching call.

Deciding to stand up to racism and to be overtly anti-racist is a brave and courageous decision for any school leader.

For Heads in particular, it is a decision that will ask more of you than perhaps any other leadership challenge that you have faced in your career. The NPQH or any other similar leadership qualifications will not have sufficiently prepared you to lead this vital work. Yet, if you are to be successful in leading in this area, you will need to discover for yourself what good, grounded, confident Anti-racist leadership looks like for you and in your own school context.

Many Heads who embark on this personal and professional development journey, soon discover there are an array of challenges to be overcome. Many realise that:

– This work is significantly different from other types of Headteacher CPD that they have encountered in the past

– This is new professional territory, for which new personal skills are needed for them to successfully navigate and find their way

– Emotions are heightened when reflecting on personal/professional matters

– This work can sometimes evoke feelings of vulnerability and exposure

– Very often there is a need to rehearse what one wants to say before going ‘public’

If any of these challenges resonate for you then our 1:1 racial literacy coaching service could help you. We understand what it feels like to have the leadership spotlight on you when leading on race in your schools.

Race and the Leadership Spotlight


– We know how exposing it can feel to be under such high levels of scrutiny, when you don’t have all the answers and yet, others expect you to!

– We understand how destabilising it can feel internally when you are coming to know yourself differently with regard to race and the need for safe spaces to support this inner growth

– We appreciate that no-one wants to feel judged, that this work involves taking risks and making the occasional mistake and the importance of having a private non-judgmental space to explore personal challenges, insights, and achievements along the way



Typically, the benefits for Heads who take up this service are:

– Enhanced self-awareness and ability to understand how their own racial identity can positively support this work

– A greater sense of personal fulfilment and confidence when leading on and discussing race with peers and others

– Enhanced understanding of personal strengths and areas for development and how to work with both, for the benefit of self, others and the wider school community

– Better relationships founded on a secure understanding of race dynamics

If this sounds like the type of support that could help you to transform the lives of the pupils and the communities you serve, you can now book a free coaching call. 

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About Integrity Coaching

Racial Literacy Coaching will be delivered by an expert coach from Integrity Coaching. Integrity Coaching is the UK’s leading provider of coaching and leadership development services for Headteachers and senior school leaders.

The coaching team is led by former Headteacher, Viv Grant who has a wealth of expertise and experience on strategies for developing best race equality practice in schools and raising achievement for Black Caribbean Pupils.

Meanwhile, Viv has also worked as an Education Consultant for the DfE and the former National College on school improvement strategies linked to the achievement of black pupils and has co-authored a considerable amount of related material for past National Strategies.

What would I get from Racial Literacy Coaching?




Our racial literacy coaching provides a private and confidential space for you to process the deeper feelings and emotions as you undertake this work around race




Identify the steps that you can take to help your school move forward its agenda around race equality





The support and encouragement you need to help you overcome any issues or challenges you are facing from this work





Increased ability to think clearly and respond effectively to the demands of their role and the race agenda in their school