Race, Identity and School Leadership Programme -
Follow-on Support

Bespoke support for School Leaders who want to embed change and maintain momentum towards creating truly anti-racist schools

Race, Identity and School Leadership Programme - Follow-on Support

Bespoke support for School Leaders who want to embed change and maintain momentum towards creating truly anti-racist schools


This support is for School Leaders who have completed our Race, Identity and School Leadership (RISL) programme.

It is designed for individuals who want to consolidate their practice, further their learning and maintain momentum for creating truly anti-racist schools.

The journey towards greater race awareness not only involves curriculum review, and establishing and implementing new policies but it also requires a commitment to one’s own personal development and a journey of transformation towards becoming anti-racist.

There are no tick-boxes or quick fixes for this ongoing journey, it is ongoing; there is always more to learn, understand and do.

This is vital as along this journey, there will be times when:

  • New and unexpected challenges, incidents and issues arise that may leave you feeling as though progress has been undone and that you are right back where you started
  • Newfound confidence drops and feelings of self-doubt arise
  • Progress feels like it has slowed or other priorities have taken over, leading to feelings of guilt or anxiety
  • You encounter resistance to change from others, resulting in feelings of isolation and frustration
    As a result, continuing reflective spaces, conversations that provide challenge and support and sprinklings of inspiration along the way, are needed to maintain momentum and embed new learning.

That’s why we offer this support, as we know through supportive relationships, inspiration from others and a continued commitment to being brave, courageous and honest – momentum and progress can both be maintained and accelerated.

Programme Structure

This programme is spread over the course of the year, designed to support inspiring anti-racist leadership. The programme consists of three elements:


Small Group Race Supervision

Dates agreed at mutually convenient times


Inspiring Anti-Racist Leadership Workshops

Session 1 – Friday 23rd March 

Session 2 – Thursday 28th September


Attendance at the "Being the Change" Learning & Celebration Event

Date – Thursday 21st March 2024

Inspiring Anti-Racist Leadership Workshops

The workshops are for senior leaders and are designed to provide a safe spaces where School Leaders can:

  • Discuss and problem-solve common challenges facing their schools and leaders when undertaking this work
  • Connect with other School Leaders who have gone on a similar journey and build a network of like-minded peers
  • Share, explore and learn best practice for developing truly anti-racist school cultures
  • Build upon past learning from our “Race, Identity and School Leadership” Programme
  • Explore in-depth topics and issues arising from both personal and organisational change
  • Keep up to date with research in the field to inform on-going discussions and CPD within their own contexts
  • Reflect on and discuss practical ways to embed change and make anti-racism an integral part of all aspects of school life and embed change


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Small Group Race Supervision

As part of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to work with an expert coach where they can continue to:

  • Explore both the personal and professional dimensions of anti-racist School Leadership
  •  Receive peer-to-peer feedback and support 
  • Share dilemmas, successes, and problem solve
  • Understand their personal strengths and areas for development and how to work with both, for the benefit of self, others and the wider school community
  • Maintain growing levels of confidence and knowledge

Being the Change" - Learning & Celebration Event

Thursday 28th September 2023

Every year, past and present participants will be brought together to explore the challenges and the triumphs of their journey towards becoming anti-racist schools and the learning they have gained along the way.

Featuring a series of talks, stories and workshops, you’ll have chance to:

  • Be inspired and supported for this on-going journey towards becoming effective anti-racist practitioners
  • Reflect with others on ways to maintain your capacity to act as an agent of change
  • Consider the progress you and your school has made and identify potential next steps
  • Share experiences, learnings and insights with other schools
  • Connect with fellow participants from different cohorts and various stages of our Race Equality programmes
  • Discover and discuss best practice in terms of school policy and practice
  • Openly celebrate all that you have achieved for yourself and your school community

Key Aims

The key aims of this programme are to help School Leaders:

  • Continue to grow and strengthen their racial literacy skills
  • Maximise and maintain their capacity to act as agents of change
  •  Help embed systemic change across the teaching profession, so that all our children can inherit a more fair and equitable society
  • Connect with other School Leaders who have gone on a similar journey and build a network of like-minded peers



The benefits for programme participants will be:

  • Increased ability to deal with challenges as and when they arise
  • Access to support and encouragement from a community of like-minded School Leaders, who are unified around a shared goal
  • Greater confidence in identifying and taking the next steps towards strengthening anti-racist policy and practice
  • Maintenance of focus and motivation to bring about lasting and meaningful change

About Integrity Coaching

Integrity Coaching is the UK’s leading provider of coaching and leadership development services for Headteachers and Senior School Leaders.

The coaching team is led by former Headteacher, Viv Grant who has a wealth of expertise and experience on strategies for developing best race equality practice in schools and raising achievement for Black Caribbean Pupils.

Her expertise in this area stems from her own experience as a Head and past engagements as an Education Consultant for the DfE and the former National College for School Leadership.

In the roles, Viv supported school improvement strategies linked to the achievement of black Caribbean pupils and co-authored related National Strategy Material.

To read Viv’s full story and what inspired her to form Integrity Coaching, please follow the link below:

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