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“Reflect Together” Day Retreat

Reconnection, Reflection and Renewal

Thursday 30th June 2022 – Euston, London

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People become teachers and school leaders for many reasons, from a love of their subject, the variety of career opportunities to the inspirational teachers they had as a child.

But perhaps, the most common reason reported is a sense of vocation and the desire to make a difference, transform lives, and inspire children to achieve their dreams.

However, upon rising to the position of Headteacher, many find that the realities of school leadership can often dampen their initial sense of vocation. The heavy workload, high levels of personal accountability, OFSTED’s ever-changing framework, decreasing budgets and having to do more with less. All these pressures can take their toll.

Furthermore, the far and wide-reaching challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years have made holding onto that precious sense of vocation that much more tenuous.

As a result, a sense of vocational vitality has been lost. Many good school leaders have left the profession because they have felt cut adrift from their original purpose and lost the sense of connection that was felt when they first entered education.

That’s why on 30th June, we will be hosting our very first “Reflect Together” Day Retreat designed to provide a reflective space where school leaders can re-energise, both personally and professionally and re-connect with their original sense of vocation and purpose.

What will happen on the day?


The day will feature workshops, facilitated discussions and expert talks from Viv Grant and inspirational change maker, Mac Macartney around how leaders can reconnect not just with each other, but themselves, their values, passion and purpose.



The day has been specially designed to revitalise individual approaches to the Headship through supporting clarification and re-connection with the values that first brought individuals into the profession.

A collegial safe space will be created for exploration, reflection and learning, which will enable participants to better integrate ‘the inner work with the life-giving outer work’.

Together, headteachers will also have opportunities to re-focus on what sustainable and ethical leadership looks like in their context and the importance of “taking care of the soul in the role” and attending to one’s own deeper human needs.

What makes our events different?


Having worked for many years with school leaders in close personal settings, we know that the most valuable and empowering conversations often happen in nurturing and supportive environments.

That’s why we look to create safe and collegial meeting spaces where school leaders can:

– Talk truthfully and honestly about the unique challenges facing them and the impact of leading in our schools today

– Share experience and expertise with fellow like-minded school leaders

– Reflect on their personal leadership journey and how this has informed the leader they are today

– Feel encouraged and empowered to respond to the issues they face

– Explore and be challenged to consider new perspectives and solutions that could transform their daily reality of school life

What are the benefits of attending?


Those who attend the day will benefit from expert facilitation, inspirational talks and opportunities designed to help you:

– Review your own leadership journey and the path that you are now on

– Re-connect with your purpose, vision and values

– Make sense of the challenges of the past school year

– Deepen your understanding of your own inner growth and development

Above all, our aim is to ensure you leave the day feeling refreshed, renewed and re-energised as you approach the end of a long school year.

So that as you look ahead to September, you feel better equipped to continue to build strong relationships and inspire all within your school community.

This retreat is designed for senior school leaders, including but not limited to:

 • Executive Head teachers   • Academy CEOs   • Head teachers & Principals  

 Deputies & Vice Principals  •  Assistant Head Teachers 

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What will the Retreat Offer?

The day will aim to provide a space and opportunity for…



Where leaders can be themselves and probe for meaning and purpose amidst the daily challenges of school leadership


Where leaders can deepen their knowledge and gain a better understanding of how to use their own unique set of skills and traits to create compelling visions of success for themselves and others


Where leaders can find solutions, practical ideas and suggestions for taking themselves and their schools forward in the coming year


Where leaders can share, laugh and have time to talk with others about how to achieve the very best for themselves and those they lead and manage

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