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A leadership programme for school leaders who want to to create change and new possibilities for future generations


Through the Black Lives Matter Movement racial equality and social justice have now been firmly placed back on the agenda and schools must be at the forefront as agents for change.

Black children and Black teachers need to know that in the UK education system their lives really do matter and see this evidenced as part of their lived daily reality. Headteachers and senior school leaders have a key role to play in making this happen.

Together, you shape the culture, the vision, the ethos for your school. Together, you determine in practice what racial equality and social justice look like. And together, you must decide the leadership that is needed for these times.

This is a courageous path that you will have to travel, because it will require you to explore issues of identity and integrity, organisational structures and processes and what they truly mean for Black children in the context of your own school setting.

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