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Back in January 2018, I delivered my first ever podcast in which I shared my belief that our Headteachers are being let down by the system in the way in which they are currently supported in their roles.

I explained why in light of changing nature of the role, more needs to be done to help Heads to ‘step up’ to the role in a new way, if we are to keep our great School Leaders in the profession.

However, what perhaps I didn’t explore so deeply in my previous podcast was what Heads can do to support themselves and ensure they have the best chance of delivering success for themselves and their school, amidst these growing challenges and complexities of the role.

That’s why in this short podcast, I decided to share ….

My 3 key strategies for succeeding as a Headteacher

  • Deeper exploration into the current reality of life as a School Leader
  • Why meeting your needs as key to sustaining yourself in your role
  • Some valuable questions for self-reflection

If this podcast resonates with your experience of School Leadership and you’d like to explore some of the topics of the call and get a better understanding of how you can best support yourself going forward, I’m now offering free “Coaching for the Soul” calls to provide you a space to do just that.

These calls offer a safe space where you can…

  • Talk openly and honestly about the challenges you’re facing
  • Receive support and encouragement in your current situation
  • Reflect on recent events and the impact they are having on you as a leader and as a person