Webinar: How to Survive and Thrive as a School Leader

School Leadership Webinars

How To Survive

Too often School Leaders are forced to employ subsistence strategies to keep them going rather than tackling the underlying problems.

That’s why in this webinar, we explored what actions and ways of leading can best support our Headteachers as they seek to sustain themselves for the long-haul, amidst the enormous demands of their roles.

The webinar discussed how by developing our emotional resources and nurturing our personal selves, we can allow the leader within us to flourish, and why hope, compassion and mindfulness hold the key to personal growth and sustainable School Leadership.

Above all, we sought to find answers to three key questions

1) What are the deeper needs of School Leaders that must be met – and how can we meet them?

2) How can we identify self-limiting beliefs – and let go of them?

3) What conditions supports successful change, growth and flourishing – and how can we bring those conditions about for ourselves and in our schools?