Webinar: Meeting the Deeper Needs of Teachers & School Leaders

School Leadership Webinars

Meeting The Needs

How can nurture teachers and School Leaders for the long haul and stop putting subsistence strategies ahead of deeper needs?

Over the course of this webinar, I principally sought to find answers to this question of great importance in education today. In my exploration of this topic, in turn, I considered what it means to be an educator, what are our deepest needs are as human beings and how we can bring who we truly are into our roles as educators and leaders. 

I also discussed what “Well-being” really means, how listening can support proper care of “The Soul in the Role” and what are the emotional and psychological costs of School Leadership.

Above all, this webinar is designed to show how we can help educators be fulfilled in their roles, so that they can maintain their ability to lead and inspire.

I hope you find this useful and enjoyable.