ZOOM Masterclass: Navigating Uncertainty as a School Leader

School Leadership Webinars

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As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, the challenge and complexity of the Headteacher role has grown exponentially.

Every School Leader in the country has witnessed an enormous amount of change in terms of what their life, their role and school now look like.

Today, like never before many Heads find themselves having to sail previously uncharted waters. These are unprecedented times, for which there are no rule or guide-books. Everything has changed! As a result, there is understandable anxiety about the current situation we are all in. Feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, isolation and stress are prevalent.

Relationships with families, pupils and staff have changed. The speed of change has been swift, with little or no time for School Leaders to make sense of both the here and now and also what the ‘new order’ might bring. We are all living in a liminal space at the moment; a space between what is known and unknown.

It is a space which for many can feel extremely uncomfortable and disconcerting. Therefore, this is a time when we need to be deliberate in pressing the pause button and finding time to reflect.

This is a time, when different types of conversation and leadership support are needed. It is a time when we can be explicit and openly address the fact that we are all in a time of transition.

It is a time that requires open and honest discussion about what this period signifies for us all and collectively, how we can assist each other to find a way through to the other side.

It is for this reason we hosted this free 1 hour ZOOM Masterclass Discussion on “Navigating Uncertainty as a School Leader.