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Headteacher “Review and Reflect” Day

4th April 2019 – 1:00pm – 4:00pm

October Gallery, London, WC1N 3AL

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Programme Overview

As we enter the second half of the spring term, your New Year’s resolutions probably feel like a long forgotten distant memory.

Any well-being goals that were set, have perhaps now gone somewhat adrift. It may well be that once again you are firing on all cylinders, juggling a thousand plates and willing yourself to get through to the last day of term, with whatever reserves of energy you have left in your tank.

But … what if as you approach the end of term, things could be different? What if you could consciously and deliberately shape the way in which you begin and end each term?

What if you could carve out some time for yourself to:

– Take stock?

– Review the goals that you set at the start of the year?

– Re-gain a sense of inner equilibrium?

– Re-build your emotional reserves?

– Achieve a clearer sense of what you want to achieve across the rest of the school year?

Wouldn’t the term endings and beginnings be different from ‘normal’ for you? Wouldn’t you be in a better frame of mind to review and reflect upon all that has gone before and all that you have yet to do?

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Increased confidence in your own ability and how to carry out the role in a way that maintains your integrity and authenticity


New connections and relationships with other Heads that you can tap into as a source of support


 A greater sense of clarity about steps you need to take to achieve your goals for the following term


An understanding of how to be better cope with the stresses of school leadership and stay well in the process

Programme Outline

Who are the sessions for?


The sessions are specifically for Headteachers who feel that they would benefit from:

– A safe, nurturing and confidential environment to reflect on the successes and the challenges of the last term

– Working in a small group with like-minded Heads to find solutions for overcoming the perennial challenges of school leadership

– Dedicated time to focus on their own needs as a school leader to help secure the best outcomes for themselves and hence those they lead and manage

– Having a space to take stock and gather their own thoughts, so that they can enter the new term with a fresher, new perspective

  Where: October Gallery, London, WC1N 3AL

What will the sessions look like?


This half day session will run from 1.00pm – 4.00pm and will involve:

– The creation of an environment where participants feel safe to share the issues that are of greatest importance to them as school leaders

– Facilitation of individual, paired and small group work (Please note this is not a training session; no-one will be espousing from the front telling you how to do your role!)

– Some reflection on short leadership think pieces to help deepen individual and group reflections on the Headship role

– Solution-focused questioning and tools to support participants in finding solutions for their own

Date: Thursday 4th April – 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Price: £89.99 (+VAT)

*Cost includes tea and coffee on arrival, mid- afternoon tea, cakes and fresh fruit

Discounted Early Bird Tickets available until Thursday 28th February – don’t miss out!

You created a really powerful space that helped us to connect deeply with what matters most to us

“Restorative, supportive, fun and nourishing. Like no other course you’ll ever have been on but the only kind you’ll ever want to go on again!”

Shared experiences and shared empathy have been really valuable to me

About the Facilitator – Viv Grant




Viv has been in the education profession for over twenty five years. She is a former primary head teacher and seventeen years ago was one of the youngest heads in the country to turn around a failing primary school.

She has been a lead trainer and consultant for a number of educational training bodies, including the Department for Education, the National College,The London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education and the NUT. She was a  contributing author  to the 2011 publication Mentoring and Coaching in schools and in 2014 published her first book, “Staying A Head: The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders.”

She has written for the Guardian and appeared on TV, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour, talking about her work and the role coaching plays in helping school leaders to excel.

Now as an Executive Coach and Director of Integrity Coaching, Viv works daily with others who have taken on the mantle of school leadership. As a result, Viv understands more than most what it takes for school leaders to overcome the often deep, hidden, inner struggles of school leadership and to succeed in fulfilling their vision for themselves and their schools.

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