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Webinar: Meeting the Deeper Needs

of Teachers & School Leaders


How can nurture teachers and school leaders for the long haul and stop putting subsistence strategies ahead of deeper needs?


Over the course of this webinar, I principally sought to find answers to this question of great importance in education today. In my exploration of this topic, in turn, I considered what it means to be an educator, what are our deepest needs are as human beings and how we can bring who we truly are into our roles as educators and leaders.  

I also discussed what “Well-being” really means, how listening can support proper care of “The Soul in the Role” and what are the emotional and psychological costs of School Leadership.

Above all, the webinar was designed to show how we can help educators be fulfilled in their roles, so that they can maintain their ability to lead and inspire.

Webinar Slides: Authentic School Leadership –

The Importance of Being Yourself


I believe that authentic school leadership is crucial in maintaining the vocational vitality of our school leaders & developing healthy schools.


Yet being an authentic school leader can be exceedingly challenging, particularly in the context of an education system which can sometimes seem to require its leaders to hide their vulnerability & act against their values in order to survive in the profession.

That’s why in this webinar, I considered a question which I believe to be of central importance to School Leaders today, namely:

“How, within the current realities of the education system, can our School Leaders maintain their original ideals & lead with true authenticity?”

In order to properly consider this question, I shared:

– Lessons I’d learnt from both my own past & my experience of working with school leaders, about undoing ‘old’ life scripts & learning to lead with authenticity
– The cost of not being yourself: how a lack of alignment between our public & private selves can alter our behaviour, our view of ourselves & damage our wellbeing
– The common mistakes we often make which can stop us being our authentic selves
– How we can learn to recognise authenticity in others

Webinar: How to Lead without Sacrificing Your Well-being

For many, School leadership has become a 60+ hour job and one that can consume their whole life, at the expense of their personal lives and their well-being.

It is an issue that has become more and more pressing in our profession, with growing numbers of School leaders struggling with burn-out or other stress-related issues.

So more than ever, our School Leaders need to take ownership of their well-being and adopt new, generative and sustainable ways of leading which support them in their role and help them to transform their daily reality.

That’s why I hosted this webinar on “How to Lead without Sacrificing your Well-being” designed to consider how leaders can take back control of their well-being and more successfully manage and cope with the excessive stressors and demands of their jobs.

To do this, I discussed the changes that leaders can make in their approaches to the role and how they manage themselves.

I explored the positive impact that school leaders can have on their own school culture in developing a more balanced and holistic approach to managing teacher workload.

– What happens when our emotional and psychological needs aren’t met
– The cost of continual sacrifice and high stress levels
– The importance of renewal in sustaining one’s leadership
– Why a focus on well-being is crucial in the context of school improvement

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