Coaching & Leadership Development

“Supporting your Leaders” Call

with Viv Grant

Learn how you can better support and challenge your School Leader over a call with Viv Grant

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We believe that just as our school leaders have a duty of care to their pupils, and their staff; governing bodies have a duty of care to our Headteachers and school leaders.

They have an important responsibility to act as a “critical friend”, providing both challenge and support to those that lead our schools.

Part of this involves ensuring there are robust accountability and support systems to help Headteachers remain at the top of their game.

It also involves safeguarding their well-being and ensuring provision is made to help them overcome emotional, psychological and practical challenges of the role, both in the long-term and the short-term.

Whether a school leader is new to the role or has been in the role for years, coaching offers a vital space to reflect on their leadership practice, explore the challenges they’re facing and find solutions.

To find out how coaching could help to support your school leader, we are offering a free, “Supporting Your Leaders” call…


This call will give you a chance to:


– Discuss your school’s situation and identify solutions that’ will support your school’s development

– Explore how coaching could help your school to retain your school leaders

– Learn how coaching helps leaders to perform at their best and deliver positive outcomes for your pupils.

– Gain a deeper understanding about coaching and its benefits

– Answer any queries and concerns you may have about coaching

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