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Read what senior leaders have said about the difference coaching has made to them and their schools

Marais Leenders
Headteacher: Brentford School for Girls

“We have worked with Integrity Coaching for the last two years. The work that they have done with my leadership team has most definitely enabled us all to grow into better leaders. We have all been incredibly appreciative of the new skills that we have learnt through coaching and even more importantly have recognised the impact in terms of growing others that this can have on a whole school. The sessions that we have been involved in have always stretched us and made us reflect more effectively as an SLT. Coaching with Integrity has helped us to build capacity within ourselves and our teams so that we are much sharper in what we do. We will continue to use them moving forward on our journey”

Martin Scarborough
Headteacher, Tufnell Park Primary School

“What I’ve learnt from being a Headteacher is that the job may not get any easier but what changes is your ability to deal with it and that’s how Integrity Coaching has helped me. The coaching relationship has supported me to better manage and overcome the stresses of school leadership, particularly when other people are involved. It has helped me become a nicer person to be around in school and my staff have really noticed the difference. I’m also just so much more efficient after coaching, you can just get so much more out of me now. I think that’s played a significant role in contributing to my school’s performance.”


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Denys Wallace

Secondary Deputy Headteacher, Wandsworth

“Taking part in Integrity’s ILM Coaching course has given me the confidence to use coaching in my work with staff at all levels. My practice as a senior leader has become more focused and coaching provides a challenging but supportive framework within which to work. Everyone interested in developing their own and others potential should take part in this course”

Anne Hamilton
Head teacher, Evelina Hospital School, Southwark

“Viv’s vast experience enabled her to analyse our discussions an get to the nuts and bolts of the situation very quickly. I can safely say that Integrity Coaching will meet your specific needs and provide you with the tools to improve, even if practice is already deemed outstanding.”


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Ann Dwulit
Head teacher, St Luke’s Primary School

“I am energised, confident and committed to using and promoting coaching with my staff team. It was a great privilege to work with Integrity Coaching. An experience, I will always be grateful for and will never forget.”

Sue Manzi
Headteacher, East Wickham Primary Academy

“My time with Integrity Coaching gave me the environment and space to examine my motivations and my thoughts. They helped me reflect on why I do the things that I do, in the way that I do them. In doing so, they were able to bring me back to what motivated me to do this job in the first place.They showed me how to get back in control, renew my purpose and zeal for my job. I quickly developed more confidence and self-belief and I have since seen the impact it has had on the rest of my school, from my SLT, the children to the governors.”


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Patrick Cozier
Secondary headteacher, Haringey

“Integrity Coaching is fantastic! The 1:1 coaching sessions are excellent in allowing you the space and time to reflect openly and honestly. Integrity Coaching has been significant in helping e to make the decision to dedicate time to myself as well as my demanding role.”

Sara Haynes
Headteacher, Arnhem Wharf Primary School

“Building the skills of our middle leaders has had enormous impact on pupil progress and has enabled us to move the school from “satisfactory” to “good”. Working with Integrity Coaching has supported us in building this capacity and has given us confidence in our capacity to improve further. The other great thing is that our middle leadership team love the sessions and have nothing other than positive feedback. I would recommend this coaching programme without reservation”


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Alison Kriel
Former Executive Headteacher, Amaya Trust

“Integrity’s coaching allowed me to truly appreciate the importance of leading by example and modelling the self-care that I wanted to see in my team. After Coaching, I began to look after myself more carefully and in doing so, I was able to notice how when I feel better, I’m also able to lead better.”

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Funmi Alder
Headteacher, Niskham West London

“Coaching came at a crucial time in my career.  It really helped me to let go of past negative experiences, and look forward with hope. With the increased confidence I gained from the coaching sessions, I have led my school through rapid change.”

Nadia McIntosh

Headteacher, Richard Atkins Primary School

The sessions were so much more than a space to think strategically. They became a life-line that supported me through some really challenging situations that affected my role. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have lasted in my new role without it”.

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